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In Memory of : Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Chuck Berry dies at 90. Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

In my early teens back in the early 1950’s late at night I would tune into the blues radio station WLAC, “The Voice of the South”, out of Nashville Tenn. and listen to the John R. show. That’s were I first hear Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline” and I was hooked. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, the TRUE American music. Chuck Berry’s music will never die. . . your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Chuck Berry dies at 90.

Associated Press 

NEW YORK (AP) — Chuck Berry, rock ‘n’ roll’s founding guitar hero and storyteller who defined the music’s joy and rebellion in such classics as “Johnny B. Goode,” ”Sweet Little Sixteen” and “Roll Over Beethoven,” died Saturday at his home west of St. Louis. He was 90.

Emergency responders summoned to Berry’s residence by his caretaker about 12:40 p.m. found him unresponsive, police in Missouri’s St. Charles County said in a statement. Attempts to revive Berry failed, and he was pronounced dead shortly before 1:30 p.m., police said.

Berry’s core repertoire was some three dozen songs, his influence incalculable, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to virtually any group from garage band to arena act that called itself rock ‘n roll. . . . Read complete Report/w video

Chuck Berry & Robbie Robertson – Hail! Hail! Rock’n’Roll (pt.1/2)

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Published on Jan 11, 2013

「Hail! Hail! Rock’n’Roll – The Burnt Scrapbook」 The scene from they’re reminiscing over Chuck’s collection of musical memories. Robbie Robertson – legendary guitarist of The Hawks[later renamed ‘The Band’] 1961-1964 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks(which includes Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson) toured in the U.S. and Canada and are included in performance packages with such acts as Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins and Jackie Wilson.

Chuck Berry & Robbie Robertson – Hail! Hail! Rock’n’Roll (pt.2/2)

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Chuck Berry in Concert 1972 # Happy 90th Birthday

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Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits

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Published on Jun 15, 2015
Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll
Listen to these songs from the man who could play a guitar like he was ringing a bell and see if school days are same. Find out why Anthony Boy is in such a rush and see the true beauty of the Brown Eyed Handsome Men. Roll over Beethoven, Roll over One-Direction, Tell Beiber the news. Here comes Chuck Berry.

In Loving Memory: B.B. King dies at 89 ~The Thrill is Gone

Featured Image:”B.B. King in 2009″ by Tom Beetz 

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Legendary blues musician B.B. King died on Thursday in Las Vegas, his attorney told The Associated Press. Cause of death was not released. He was 89.

Born Riley B. King in Berclair, Mississippi, and raised by his grandmother, the future “King of the Blues” purchased his first guitar for $15 when he was just 12 years old. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade, and spent much of his early years picking cotton and working as a tractor driver.

While he began singing in a gospel choir at church, the blues took root in King during his teen years. The blues is considered by many to be the only truly indigenous American music, and over time, King would become its foremost ambassador. . . . Read Complete Report

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B. B. King – The Thrill Is Gone (Live at Montreux 1993)

 A lot of People can play the blues but there was only one King of the Blues.B.B. . . .EDITOR

King (1925-2015). Lucille is crying… The King is Gone – Long live the King

The First Man to Walk on the Moon Astronaut Armstrong Dies (w/video)

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Only 12 humans have walked on the moon and Neil Armstrong was the first. Neil Armstrong was a soft-spoken engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved pilot he made “one giant leap for mankind” with a small step onto the moon. The modest man who credited others for the feat, died Saturday, from complications resulting from a cardiovascular bypass operation. He was 82. Armstrong

During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin saw something else watching them! According to Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret. . . .Read Complete Report & much,much more.

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Apollo Moon Landing Mixed (Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind)

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Contains footage from Apollo Moon landing and moonwalks. Mixed with some Canon Piano music and the famous words by Neil Armstrong himself. . . . Text posted with video on youtube.