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Dad shoots down Drone Spying on His Sunbathing Daughter: UPDATED

A Louisville, Kentucky father is facing felony charges for shooting down a drone.

“I didn’t shoot across the road, I didn’t shoot across my neighbor’s fences, I shot directly into the air,” William Merideth said.

Shortly afterwards, police showed up and took Merideth into custody.

WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis has MORE


UPDATE! Dad Goes Free!


DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS (Drones Shot Down Over Texas) (on video)

Photo: The Alamo, San Antonio Texas CREDIT Dennis Crenshaw Public Domain

Don’t Mess With Texas!. . . . EDITOR (Texan by birth)

Published on May 29, 2012 by

Following columnist Charles Krauthammer’s observation that the first person to shoot down a surveillance drone on U.S. soil will be a “folk hero,” gun enthusiasts in Texas have done precisely that as a protest against the use of spy drones on the American people. . . . Read Complete Report