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Intelligence Agencies and Cults & What really happened at Jonestown?

Featured Image: Cult leader Jim Jones. Credit: The Jonestown Institute,http://jonestown.sdsu.edu. Source: Wikipedia (Free to use)

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Intelligence Agencies and Cults

Published on Nov 12, 2014

What if intelligence agencies were secretly involved with everything from the Manson family to the People’s Temple and more?

Image Below: This image is from “the Jonestown Institute” at San Diego State University.

The image is photo of the welcome sign at the entrance into Jonestown that is imaged here. The sign states: “Welcome to Jonestown” “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project” Credit: The Jonestown Institute, http://jonestown.sdsu.edu. Source: Wikipedia (ATTRIBUTION)

Jonestown_entrance CREDIT  The Jonestown Institute, httpjonestown.sdsu.edu.  Home Page Permitting Such Usage Wikipedia
What really happened at Jonestown?
Published on Apr 6, 2013

In 1978, hundreds of Peoples Temple members committed mass suicide by swallowing poison at Jim Jones’ command. But how did this happen? Why do some people believe it was part of a government plot?

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19 Real Sinister Conspiracies That Actually Happened (+) Dennis Dayle, 81, cracked down on drug cartels

Featured Image: : Logo of Cracked.com. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons  (Public Domain) 

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Conspiracy #13 ~ CIA & Drug Cartels

“In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agency’s, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.” Dennis Dayle Former Chief of CENTAC For the DEA.

Dennis Dayle investigated and prosecuted drug cartels all over the world, if anyone knew whaat was behind them, it was him. . . . Read Complete Report


From Orlando Sentinel  (Obituary)

Dennis Dayle, 81, cracked down on drug cartels

August 4, 2009|By Linda Florea, Sentinel Staff Writer

Dennis Dayle was a bigger-than-life type of hero about whom most people would have known nothing were it not for a book written about three of his cases. Combating international-crime cartel he traveled the world as the head of Central Tactical Unit or Centac.

“When he retired, there were 12 cartel families that ran drugs in the world, and he [had] prosecuted 11 of them at the time,” daughter Linda Smith of Atlanta said. “He made the world a much better place.” . . . Read Complete Report