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Einstein’s theory raises possibility of Humans from other universes de-stabilizing Earth into violence

Photo: Albert Einstein SOURCE Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

from The Canadian

Saturday 9. Jun 2012

Albert Einstein’s and reinforcing scientific and other corresponding theories on the existence of alternate dimensions and parallel universes, as well as eyewitness testimony, begs the question whether human beings not from our Earth, are seeking to influence its course of development. Some of these humans who appreciate the transcendental association of parallel universes may be seeking to spiritually enlighten human beings on our Earth to reach a more evolved higher consciousness. Other humans who have been able to use access to sophisticated technologies to travel to our Earth space-time continuum may be pursuing a conquest agenda against our Earth. Our Earth may be a space-time frontier between human beings from enlightened aeonic higher consciousnesses, and lower level demonic consciousnesses seeking to resist and advance each groups’ objective across realities. . . . Read Complete Report