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Mystery Beneath The Antarctic Ice (w/Video)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012 18:02

After 16 years of planning the countdown is on for one of the most ambitious scientific missions to Antarctica. In October a 12-man team of British scientists, engineers and support staff will make the 16,000 km journey from the UK to go deep into the heart of the frozen continent to collect samples of water and sediments from an ancient lake buried beneath three kilometers of ice. Their quest is to reveal vital secrets about the Earth’s past climate and discover life forms that may live in subglacial Lake Ellsworth on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Lake Ellsworth was mapped in detail by scientists using seismic survey techniques. They discovered a hidden lake 12km long, 3km wide and 150m deep, roughly the same size and depth as Windermere in the UK.  . . . Read Complete Report w/ photos & video
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Antarctica in 5 minutes

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From Elephant Island to the Antarctic Circle.