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Liberals Exploit Fear to Go After Guns Again. Surprised? (+) Alex Jones: Connecticut School Massacre Looks Like False Flag Says Witnesses (Video Report)

Photo: “Twisted Gun” Monument in front of the United Nations Building New York City, N.Y. U.S.A. SOURCE Wikipedia (Public domain)

Many of us think that most, if not all, of the public mass shootings (there was 1 for every month all across America during 2012) are all perpetrated  by mind controlled ‘Manchurian Candidates’ being used just for the purpose of helping the lefties change beliefs about civilian gun ownership. These misguided fools think that guns kill people and want to sway a majority of the population into that belief. The truth is that as long as American’s have guns the Controllers are afraid to start installing the heaviest measures of control to our society.  

The fact of the matter is that some of these high-profile middle America tragedies would probably have different outcomes if more private citizens and teachers had concealed weapons.

Then there is the new chatter coming from those who are pushing the agenda of controlling the internet. Now they are starting to blame the ‘radicals’ on both the far left and far right of inciting these ‘lone nuts’ to commit  high-profile mass murder because of the sites and videos they are placing on the internet that target the government. (Websites like THEI) According to the left wing of the do-nothing 1 party-acting-as-a-two-party system, something MUST be done to control these ‘conspiracy nuts’ by keeping their anti-government accusations off the web. Of course, those sites pushing the Controllers agendas will not be affected. . EDITOR  

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Never trust a liberal who wants to have a “conversation.”

At least when they’re screaming at conservatives to shut up, they’re being honest.

But when they say they want to talk to you, watch out, there’s an agenda. And after Friday’s school shootings in Connecticut, liberals are feeling very chatty on the topic of guns.

It’s the same script we’ve lived through before. Some madman kills a bunch of people, then before the country can even process the details of what happened, the Left is all over the media and the social networks blaming guns and conservatives, and calling for more gun control laws.

For the ruling Left, it’s not a tragedy, it’s an opportunity to once again exploit Americans’ fears about guns and about their children’s lives so that they can push their dogmatic anti-gun agenda. . . . Read Complete Report

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Connecticut School Massacre Looks Like False Flag Says Witnesses

Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Dec 14, 2012

At least 27 people were murdered (including 18 children) at Newton Elementary in Connecticut Friday during a staged false flag attack against our guns when multiple shooters were initially reported opening up fire in an elementary school resulting in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. This comes after a series of shooting rampages spreading across the country taking place in mostly white, suburban areas. . . . Read Complete


CNN Wants This Video Banned SEE WHY (video)

Here is one of the great talking heads making a fool out of herself that shows you just how out of touch the mainstream press is.  CNN and FOX wake up…. People are mad at both so called  Liberal and conservative politicians. This includes ALL professional politicos be they Republican or Democrat.  These two party’s have been in bed with the elitist for a long time and SOME people are waking up.

But obviously this Talking Head hasn’t got a clue. She’s one of those who probably thought there was no reason to report on the recent Bilderburg meetings and protest, if she even knows what the Bilderburgers represent. EDITOR

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Rick Osmon: Dumb and Dumber in Congress

Yahoo News article reports how a think-tank report by the Sunlight Foundation, a D.C.-based 501(c)(3) educational organization, trashed members of Congress on their speaking skills, trashing some more than others. SF ranked members according to the Flesch-Kincaid test, a scale that gave Abe Lincoln a writing score of a high school junior for the Gettysburg Address and Ernest Hemingway novels that of a fifth grader. This asinine approach, applying a test of writing skills to spoken language, is already bad enough, but on top of all else, the SF is supposed to be an apolitical educational foundation dedicated to transparency in government. Yet, the rankings were accompanied with commentary that clearly categorized Congressional Members by political leanings. They didn’t say “Republican” and “Democrat”, but they used “liberal” and “conservative” or “Right” and “Left”. They had to at least give the appearance of being apolitical because 501(c)(3) corporations are prohibited from blatant party promotion, direct affiliation, or individual candidate bias. Showing such bias could get their tax free status pulled. The DNC and RNC are exempt from that, of course.

Let’s get back to the findings. Generally, liberals used bigger words and more complex sentences than did conservatives. Is that a reflection of the ways in which they write bills for Congress that we must then obey and fund? Sadly, yes, it is.

Without risking plagiarism, but, more importantly, without stealing Yahoo reporter, Virginia Hefernan’s, thunder, the Member of Congress who got the lowest ranking from Sunlight Foundation is an absolute ace at public speaking, far better at executing the concept of public communications than most of his colleagues. He not only addresses his constituents, he interacts with them. And he doesn’t need a teleprompter. Nor does he need a professional speech writer. He just happens to be a Republican who was ranked at a 7th grade level using the Flesch-Kincaid test.

All the above notwithstanding (using that big word just raised this article’s ranking), I think I figured out why the Right uses smaller, simpler words than the Left: they are addressing the Congress, not just their own party. In any case, the overall score for the entire Congress is downright dismal. As a group, Congress speaks at the level of a high school sophomore. Even more dismal is their level of concern for the taxpayer. Yes, they really are sophomoric.

The main question here, though, is why would Sunlight Foundation or any educational body try to apply a readability score to oratory? Does this at least partially explain what is wrong with our education system?

Media Uses Fake Guns from HALO to Criticize Assault Weapons

Media Uses Fake Guns from HALO to Criticize Assault Weapons

Original Story by: S.H. Blannelberry
of Guns.com

Joe Eskenazi, a columnist for SFWeekly.com, took a lot of heat from several members of the gun community for his decision to use a picture of Rambo and a picture of guns from the videogame HALO to make a point about a lawsuit over the clarity, or lack thereof, of California’s Assault Weapon ban.

Read the rest of this guns.com piece HERE


And now, my take:

Reporters should be banned from writing stories on topics with which they have zero experience. If a reporter is assigned to do a story, they have the responsibility to become aware of the issues as well as the facts before turning in their piece.

Having fired a great many real assault weapons, up to and including grenade launchers, true machine guns (light, intermediate, and heavy), and heavy sniper rifles, I can say with confidence that nothing like that is available at Gander Mountain. But they should be. Okay, maybe not the grenade launchers.

The liberal media bias against all private gun ownership is a nonsensical belief that Big Brother will protect us from all harm. The very meaning of the word “liberal” is at odds with that belief. When Gary Hart dreamed up the Department of Homeland Security and George W. Bush signed the so called Patriot Act, it had nothing whatsoever to do with international terrorism. Its only reason for being is to allow the State’s terrorizing its own citizens with minimal resistance. It is designed solely to prevent domestic unrest that could lead to, well, the fall of the Federal government from within.

Some would look at the faked assault weapon story as a singular anomaly. It is a symptom of a disease known as simple-mindedness. It is incurable and it is terminal.

Stars n Bars Confederate Flag Flies in Black Student’s USC Dorm Room

Black Student Defends His Confederate Flag

Byron Thomas Says He Doesn’t See Racism, Just Southern Pride

Byron Thomas is 19, black, a freshman at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and a proud Southerner. He hung a Confederate flag in his dorm room window until the university asked him to take it down because several people had complained about it. (The university later stepped back from the request, saying all students have the right to free speech.)”I know it’s kinda weird because I’m black,” Thomas said in an iReport he submitted. “When I look at this flag, I just don’t see racism. I see pride, respect. Southern pride, that’s what I see.”

(for the rest of this CNN story, CLICK HERE)

Byron is not the only black man to realize he has been force fed a badly bent set of “facts” about the Confederacy and Southern Heritage. Mr H. K. Edgerton, former president of the Asheville, NC NAACP, has been a vocal and tireless advocate of teaching the true history of the Confederacy,  the circumstances, and conspiracies that led to the War between the States for nearly two decades. Edgerton marched from Asheville to Austin, Texas wearing a Confederate uniform and carrying a Confederate battle flag. These days, he mostly wears the attire and carries his flag at events that either commemorate fallen Confederate soldiers or to speaking engagements intended to educate about the real reasons that led to the war; States rights, imbalanced economic laws (Corwin Amendment), disproportionate allocations of Federal expenditures, and other political shenanigans.

Edgerton cites historical documents, newspaper accounts, diaries, and other period literature to show that hundreds, perhaps thousands of blacks, both free and indentured, fought for the Confederacy voluntarily. Many didn’t or couldn’t enter battle, but instead worked to provide southern soldiers with food and equipment, also voluntarily. Edgerton’s main message is that southerners, even then, acted as one big family faced with annihilation by a foreign invader.

So what exactly is the purpose of the National (Federal) focus on portraying the Stars and Bars as a racist symbol? Are they afraid the South will indeed rise again? Or is it merely an easy and convenient means to distract us from the current political shenanigans?

Before we take offense with each others’ beliefs or view points, before we denigrate someone’s sense of heritage, we need to make sure we have the security of a valid and viable culture. We are being distracted from the fact that each and every American has been put into debt by our Federal government to the tune of more than $5 Million each. That’s right, you are on the hook for more than $5 Million in loans somebody else (Congress) took out in you name.

Before we belittle another person or group for their rhetoric, whether it’s the conservatives, liberals, Occupiers of Wall Street, the Tea Party, the NAACP, or the Fraternal Order of Police, we need to get control of our own governmental waste and its inherent greed. We cannot continue to allow the Controllers to shape our belief systems. We have a right and a duty to be informed in every aspect, including the true history of the War of Northern Aggression.

Damned if you do


Reported by Rick Osmon,

Author of

The Graves of the Golden Bear, Ancient Fortresses and Monuments of the Ohio Valley

Reporting from Odon, Indiana

 If you have enough food in the house to survive a week-long blizzard, you may be considered a terrorist.

If you have more than a couple guns in the house, you may be considered a terrorist.

If you have ammunition that is considered “weatherproof”, you may be considered a terrorist.

If you are missing any fingers, you may be considered a terrorist.

No, this is not some ludicrous parody of a Jeff Foxworthy standup routine. Although I bet Jeff could do wonders with this material

No, this is a blatant power grab by the Senators writing the Defense Appropriations Bill, most notably Senators McCain and Levin. And they wrote it behind locked doors, illegally and in violation of Senate Ethics Rules. The last time something like this happened, it was called the Alien and Sedition Act and it was signed into law by the second President of the United States of America. That act resulted in the 4th and 5th amendments, Senators, ever heard of those?

Forget beans, bandaids, and bullets, stock up on Vaseline

This is an issue that we should never, as US Citizens, have to even ponder. Yet, there it is.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency makes the following recommendation for food stock as part of disaster preparedness: “Following a disaster, there may be power outages that could last for several days. Stock canned foods, dry mixes and other staples that do not require refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation. Be sure to include a manual can opener and eating utensils.”

Of course, FEMA is part of the same Department of Homeland Security that is guarding us from ourselves. Almost smells of entrapment, doesn’t it?

Just in Time for the Revolution I’m Back!

“As I see it: Thoughts from an Underground Insider”


THIS IS A COMPANION PUBLICATION of our website, www.thehollowearthinsider.com. Some of the reports, articles etc. may be reflected on the home site or meant to be combined for more detailed  information on the subject matter.                                                     Dennis Crenshaw Editor www.thehollowearthinsider.com

NEW NEWS EDITORIAL Let The Revolution Begin!

After watching different groups of Americans protest the actions of our controlled government since the 1960s I believe that the protests that started in Wall Street with just a handful of people and has now grown to thousands spreading to other cities could be “the real deal.”  (I’ll be actively attending the protest scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 8/2011 in Hemming Park in downtown Jacksonville, Florida) One of the reasons for believing that finally a peoples movement might grow legs is the fact it seems to have quickly grabbed the establishment Controllers attention

The first “talking heads” who have come out against this movement is the (Weak) Tea Party, which I have come to believe to be a stooge organization happily protected by the Controllers. Notice how the (Weak Tea Party) has become the Controlled media’s favorite “peoples movement” to report on, and those they run to for answers when trying to judge the mood of the people.

If the (Weak) Tea Party is REALLY out to change the direction of our Country by the will of the people they would have instantly supported a real movement of  the people, this unplanned and spontaneous gatherings of people from all walks of life that started small in Wall Street and seems to be growing at an amazing rate..  Instead they immediately appear on the number one conservative worldwide news outlet, Fox News, with the (Weak) Tea Party’s opinion of these pissed off Americans.   How can the teabaggers have such a great  access to the media and conservative Politicians who we know are opposed to ANY change in direction towards a One World Order?

Those of us who realize the extent of the Controllers total censoring of the “news” spoon-fed us by the propaganda machine laughingly called the “free” press know one thing from experience.  If the Controllers thought the (Weak) Tea Party was any threat to the one world plans of the Controllers they would only get this kind of news access and coverage when their compound was raided by the ATF and FBI SWAT teams (with the CIA in the background giving orders).

So when major news outlets immediately hit the airwaves in prime time asking the (Weak) Tea Party’s leader’s their opinions concerning the Wall Street Movement we wonder, why ask them?  The answer is obvious. The (Weak) Tea Party is nothing but another part of the  Controllers plans to control the people. The (Weak) Tea Party is actually composed of those   conservatives from the Republican Party and moderate   “Independents” who think the answer to solving our country’s problems is still possible by leaving our destiny in the hands of the beltway establishment controllers.  Actually those who believe the (Weak) Tea Party “is the Answer” have been hitting the Cool-Aid, or I should say … the weak tea, a bit too much. It’s all part of the dumbing down process that has been going on in our country. since its foundation.

The (Weak) Tea Party official stand on this new Wall Street Movement came from one of the (Weak) Tea Party’s top jocks.. He said the (Weak) Tea Party had “nothing to do with these”  know-nothings and that the Wall Street Movement was organized by “Leftist radicals and communist groups” who had no money and no organization, and no message.”

Where have we heard that before? Sounds like someone brushed off the old play book of Richard Daley during a previous heating-up political circus, The Detroit Republican Convention of 1988. Guess no-one told the teabaggers we stopped blaming that kind of stuff on Communist several wars ago.

Tea Party supporters read my lips “this protest was not planned.  It never figured to grow. Nor is it  a leftist ploy …It is a series of spontaneous happenings by the masses.   it is the unconnected-by-politics angry  American Citizens who are rising up. And of course they have no money. Nether personally, nor do they have access to the deep pockets that SOME organizations supported by the controllers have;  and their  message is they are mad as hell at the system that the you teabaggers support and they are not going to take it no-more!”

Thoughts #1

Bet you thought I’d found me an entrance to the underground?  Naw. Just been working on the new HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER site.  Adding lots of goodies takes lots of time. But I will be taking you along with me on just such a quest in  coming issues of this THEI publication..   I’ve decided to take a 21st century look at what’s being planned, going on, and how much its costing us as taxpayers as the government secretly moves more of their “Invisible Government” underground, literately.. I’ve heard rumors over the last few years of massive goings on underground.  It’s time we took a look see, We’ll also be looking into starting to explore the possibility of moving at least some of mankind underground. … We’ll pick up where I left off 14 years ago …. (See Volume 1 # 6)…. Well, let me get back to it. . . .  stuff to do, stuff that involves a lot of head-scratching and staring at the keyboard. Sure am glad that I’m retired.  Good word “retired.” You can get ahead of the crowd that will be running to my site once I get it back up by going to www.thehollowearthinsider.com and joining  the Insiders list in the top right hand corner.  That’s where any info about the site, etc, is posted first. And if you would please leave your comments on our guestbook page,  Thanks!