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Have lasers located lost city of gold sought by conquistadors in 1500s?

Photo of “Lost City of the Jungle” movie poster (1945) Universal’s first “talkie” serial SOURCE Public Domain

from Fox News

By Francie Diep

Published June 08, 2012


Underneath the thick, virgin rainforest cover in the Mosquitia region of Honduras, archaeologists have discovered ruins they think may be the lost city of Ciudad Blanca.Legends say the “White City” is full of gold, which is why conquistador Hernando Cortes was among the first Ciudad Blanca seekers in the 1500s. But the method the modern researchers used was a little different from previous explorers‘ techniques. The modern-day researchers flew over the area in a small plane and shot billions of laser pulses at the ground, creating a 3D digital map of the topology underneath the trees. . . . Read Complete Report w/ photos