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Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.

Featured Image: U.S. Postal Service Emblem. Source: Wikipedia (Fair Use)

From The New York Times 

WASHINGTON — In a rare public accounting of its mass surveillance program, the United States Postal Service reported that it approved nearly 50,000 requests last year from law enforcement agencies and its own internal inspection unit to secretly monitor the mail of Americans for use in criminal and national security investigations.

The number of requests, contained in a 2014 audit of the surveillance program by the Postal Service’s inspector general, shows that the surveillance program is more extensive than previously disclosed and that oversight protecting Americans from potential abuses is lax. . . . Read Complete Report

Adam Kokesh’s Mail from Jail (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by AdamKokesh

Published on Jul 22, 2013


Adam is in a cage in solitary confinement, and he wants to reach out to his friends and fans in person. For the next few hours, he’ll be able to interact with his fans through the mail, and he’d like to be able to thank his supporters personally and answer any questions they might have.

So, if you head to www.adamvstheman.com/invest to make a donation of $20 or more to assist Adam in hiring a lawyer, please send your payment receipt to liz@adamvstheman.com. Adam asked me to let everyone know that he’s finally able to receive mail, and he’d like to be able to get a personal thank you out to his donors first and foremost. Please title your message “LETTERS FROM KOKESH” and include the question you’d like Adam to answer in your response, as well as the text of the letter itself (the prison will be screening all the content, so we’d like to keep an uncensored version on hand). I’ll pass the information on to Adam, and he’ll write write you one-on-one.

While the government has desperately struggled to silence Adam, we shouldn’t forget about the positivity that defines his approach. I would love for everyone to send him messages about how they woke up to the liberty movement, and how they plan to spread the message of Liberty in their own personal lives. Let’s make sure that the Man can’t get him down.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been helping us, with time, with social media shares, with donations, with attendance at rallies… We love you guys!

Go a LITTLE DEEPER: THEI Archive “Adam Kokesh”

Ricin Suspect Was Tracked Via Mail Scanners : Feds: Postal Service photographs every piece of mail it processes

Featured Photo: U.S. Mail Delivery, 1900’s. SOURCE: Jannette Fuller (Public Domain).

I’m glad they caught her, but the method used is just another peek at our ever  increasing government’s “Big Bro” system of spying on American’s. Scary stuff. . . . EDITOR

From the Smoking Gun JUNE 7, 2013

JUNE 7–A high-tech computer system that captures images of  “every mail piece that is processed” by the United State Postal Service was critical in helping federal agents track the Texas woman arrested today for allegedly sending ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In a U.S. District Court complaint filed today against Shannon Guess Richardson, an FBI agent details how investigators traced the ricin letters back to NewBoston, Texas, where the 35-year-old Richardson (seen below) lives with her husband. . . .  Read Complete Report