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Rick Osmon: My Buddy, Red Skelton, Gets His Own Museum

 My Buddy, Red Skelton, Gets His Own Museum

He already had his own bridge.

by Rick Osmon


When I was kid of seven or eight, I saved up the labels off Carnation condensed milk cans and sent them in,  “good for” a Halloween mask of one of four of Red Skelton’s characters, Freddie the Freeloader (pictured), Clem Kadiddlehopper, Deadeye Dick, or Cauliflower McPugg. It was about this time of year, early August when the labels were bundled up, taken to the one window, small town post office, weighed on the old fashioned, spring postage scale, stamps applied, and away they went.

In those days, “Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery” meant Read more