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Another Veteran Raided & His Firearms Confiscated – Must Appear Before Judge For Mental Evaluation/Alert

These coordinated unlawful actions by the Federally connected local police departments seem to continue without restraint. we don’t have a Federal Police force, you say.  Think again. Does you local police cars have a gold or yellow stripe running around the car? . . . . EDITOR

from Before its News

Begin forwarded message:

From: Steve QuayleDate

August 22, 2012 10:44:39 PM MD

To: Darrell

Steve, please call me at your earliest convenience. I have some breaking information regarding an Army combat veteran (and Christian) in Ohio who was just raided this evening for the same reasons Brandon Raub was arrested. There were no criminal charges, no suspicions of criminal activity charge, and he was notarrested but all of his firearms were confiscated and he has been given a notice to appear before a judge. He is a Purple Heart recipient, no criminal background, no issues with prior VA psych evals. I just got off the phone with him and would like to pass along all of the information (and there is quite a bit) so others can be made aware of what is happening.
At 18:40 EST on 22/Aug/2012, I received a call from a very close friend of mine in west central Ohio, claiming he had just had all firearms confiscated. At first I thought he was joking, as we often do, so I made some sarcastic remarks, but he continued explaining what he had gone through. I stopped him and asked if he was being serious or just pulling my leg. He assured me he was being serious. I’ll provide you with the details as best I can- he conveyed all of this information to me during our second phone conversation after I had returned home at approximately 20:30 EST. . . Read Complete Report



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