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BIRTHGATE UPDATE: ‘Obamabots’ Going Crazy Over Birth Certificate Announcement!

THEI has had it’s share of ‘Obamabot’ comments any time we have posted an update on Birthgate also. It’s actually become laughable to us. . EDITOR

from PP Simmons  Tuesday, April 30, 2013

REVEALING! Major ‘Obamabot’ Players Going CRAZY Over Zullo and Gallups Announcement!


From PPSIMMONS – our latest post on the Obama Fraud case (http://www.ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2013/04/latest-4-29-13-more-vips-on-board-with.html) has caused quite a stir among the Obamabots. They are leaving tons of comments under the post, but we are simply deleting them. Why? Because the comments are inane and the Obamabots are simply attempting to gather supporters to their forums by riding the sweeping wave of popularity of the PPSIMMONS news and ministry sites. We will not allow them to use PPSIMMONS for free and worldwide advertising for their disinformation campaign.

We did however, want to share with you an example of the type of mindless, uniformed, and panicked responses we are getting. The following example is the exact wording of a post from one of the major and national leaders of the Obamabot disinformation campaign. . . . Read Complete Report