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Dangerous Game? Psychologists Use Ouija Board to Tap Subconscious (w/ video)

Photo: Ouija game “playing” board. U.S. Patent D056,449. Design patent for toys (D21/813) which was filed May 26, 1920. Issued Oct 26, 1920. Patentee was Clifford H. McGlasson. Public domain.

Have one experience with one. First and last time. I decided I can’t enjoy playing any “game” where everyone spends all their time accusing the other of moving the pointer.

Do I believe something strange was going on? 

It’s like voodoo. I don’t believe in it but I sure ain’t gonna mess with it either. . . . EDITOR

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Published on July 9, 2012 by

New Scientist has just published an article that examines the relationship between the controversial Ouija board and the human subconscious.

Psychologists at the University of British Columbia in Canada say that there is growing evidence to suggest that the unconscious plays a role in cognitive functions we usually consider the preserve of the conscious mind.  Speaking at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness conference, Hélène Gauchou asserts that we are not always fully in control of our own actions or movements.  There are times when the unconscious takes over and we release, as she puts it, our “inner zombie”.  According to Gauchou, the pressing matter for psychologists is, “How can we communicate with that unconscious intelligence?”  The answer according to researchers may be found in Ouija.

In an effort to prove this theory and to explore options of tapping into that subconscious mind and bring it to the surface, these researchers have been holding studies involving the Ouija Board and study participants.  The article states of Gauchou’s experiements: . . . read Complete Report

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The Mystery of Ouija Boards

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If you would like to see a follow-up sequel to this video, please comment. I’m looking into making a Ouija Board video that will focus on the protection and steps one needs to take during a Ouija board session. In addition, it will have more interviews and advice about the use of the board.

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