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ONGOING: SMART METERS and EMF Radiation Poison – PSA – Pd (Video Report)

Here it is! The device we have been dreading, but expecting, for a long time.

Complete monitoring of what we are doing in our homes plus the added attraction, I Believe, of a device designed to begin in ernest a-slow-de-population. (killing us off). We at THEI will be following this story closely.  . . EDITOR

From Forbidden Knowledge TV VIA youtube uploaded by PUNKdispenser

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2011

Smart meters are not a GOOD THING. People are getting sick and these horrible devices allows our government into our houses and personal life.

It’s un-natural to have Electro Magnetic Frequencies radiating through our bodies. It’s radiation poisoning us. WAKE UP.

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Now There’s A Drug Test For Synthetic Cannabinoids. – the first 21st Century KILLER WEED

Photo: Kronic a popular way for people to get past the drug laws and still have that “attitude Adjustment” when they need it. SOURCE: 109.com

Using poison chemicals that a person knows nothing about is ludicrous. It’s a crying shame that a “free” American has to stoop this low to keep a job or whatever just because he wants a joint to grab a quick attitude adjustment.

Problem is,when you put unknown chemicals in your body that were mixed by someone you don’t know that person might be only in it for the money. That’s ludicrous also. What’s to keep this “chemist” from putting anything in the phony weed to make more profit.

What we  need, is to have access  to the miracle drug that god gave us; not more chemicals to poison our bodies; all so the controllers and their pals can sell us their man made, money driven, poisoning goods without competition.

Young people. Don’t smoke this junk. Please.  It ain’t nothing “like weed” cause’ Weed don’t KILL!. . .  EDITOR

from Toke of the Town

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ in NewsProducts

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm

One of the chief attractions of synthetic cannabinoids — which are, make no mistake about it, NOT “synthetic marijuana” or anything near it — has been that these substances don’t show up on conventional drug screening tests, which after all, aren’t designed to detect them. God knows they don’t have many attractions, and no stoner in his or her right mind would ever smoke these blends if real weed is available.

This has made “herbal blends” (which are actually vegetable matter sprayed with chemicals) popular in such settings as the military and jobs which are subject to piss tests. But even that advantage will probably soon be gone, leaving synthetic cannabinoids the sole province of poor schlubs who can’t score any real weed. . . . Read Complete Report
from 109.com

The Weird History of Synthetic Cannabis

Depending on where you live, scoring actual marijuana can be difficult and risky. But you can get synthetic Cannabinoids at your local gas station. You see them packed into small foil pouches, touting a legal reproduction of a natural high. Local and federal municipalities have taken lengths to remove many from sale, but more continue to pop up.

Why have some of these substances been deemed illegal? Are they as safe as marijuana? Also, is there an ingredient missing from these packages that would normally be a very active constituent of marijuana? Find out the truth about synthetic cannabis below. . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube
Dangers of Synthetic Drugs, K2, Spice – Dr. Barry Logan of NMS Labs on Fox 29
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Retro; “Debunk This!” with host extraordinaire “Change the Channel” (full length Documentary)

Change the Channel, ya that’s his name and his “Debunk This! Full Length” video  is great!  Can’t believe I missed it back in 2010. You guys slipped up.

Change the Channel is a real character who presents his evidence in an entertaining way. I mean he’s reading off of the back of a tooth paste where they admit the stuff is poison, serious stuff, but Change the Channel has me laughing with tears in my eyes with hes descriptive technique.  Those who were with me way-back-when know that i always reminded myself, don’t forget to find the amusement in the antics of the elitist and their flunkies. Change the Channel is a master at doing that. I recommend him and his youtube postings at the top of the bar..

 And I guarantee you, you’ll see more of Change the Channel and his unique, important show Featured and Archived here on THEI . . . EDITOR

“Wish I had thought of “Debunk This!.” Must See youtube.” . . . Dennis Crenshaw – Editor

from youtube

Uploaded by  on Jun 9, 2010

Get the double DVD at: http://www.spywitnessnews.org/content/debunk-season-1-dvd
Season 1 • Oklahoma City Bombing • First WTC Bombing • Fluoride • Gulf War • FEMA Camps • JFK • Government testing • 9/11 • False Flags • Extras
A show for debunkers to do their thing as well as for the choir to have a reference point. So many people find it hard to believe that we are being Poisoned, tested on, lied to, that plans are documented to control and contain us as well as kill us by the powers that be. That indeed conspiracies exist and that not everyone who speaks of this is a nut job or else you would have to call yourself a nut job. Whether its O.J., Michael Jackson or 911, everyone speaks of conspiracies. This show isn’t about why they do what they do, it’s about the fact that it has and is being done. This wont be a show covering hours worth of evidence. We will focus on an element or two to keep it simple and to the point. , , , Text posted with video on youtube