PPSIMMONS EXCLUSIVE! US Military begins taking delivery of HUNDREDS of front-end loaders – some with gun turrets and armor plated!

Featured Image: Logo of en:Caterpillar Inc. Image source: Caterpillar 2007 Annual Report Wikipedia (Public Domain).

From P.P.Simmons Friday May 31, 2013

“”some of these units, the ones with tan cabs, are armored with roof hatches and gun mounts.” . . . EXCERPT

With the DHS investing in billions of rounds of ammo and armored personnel carriers and the US military buying up hundreds of new tanks (which the Bible says will be used in the coming 6th trumpet battle) is there any wonder why it is that so many rumors persist of impending civil war and martial law in America?

Well here’s something else to add to the list of worrisome goings on.

A PPSIMMONS operative has informed us anonymously of a military order for 385 front-end loaders from the Caterpillar plant in Clayton, NC. . . . Read Complete Report w/ photos & video.