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The Clovis First Theory is put to rest at Paisley Caves

Photo: A Clovis projectile point created using bifacial percussion flaking (that is, each face is flaked on both edges alternately with a percussor) SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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Public release date: 12-Jul-2012

Contact: Professor Eske Willerslev
University of Copenhagen

Who were the first humans to enter the North American continent? Were they humans who founded what is known as the Clovis culture over 13,000 years ago? Or did other, totally unrelated peoples precede the Clovis immigrants? This issue has been intensely, if not bitterly debated for decades. The Clovis culture has been seen as the cradle of North American indigenous culture. Now new international research shows that people of another culture and technology were present concurrently or even previous to those of Clovis. Scientists have added a new and dramatic chapter to the history of the peopling of the Americas striking a deadly blow to the “Clovis First” theory that has dominated pre-historic American archaeology for so long. The sensational results are published in the international journal Science.

Evidence that a non-Clovis culture was present in North America at least as early as Clovis people themselves and likely before is presented by an international team of researchers from the USA, the UK, and Denmark.

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Who Were the First American Settlers?

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by

New archaeological evidence suggests a paleolithic culture predated the arrival of the Clovis settlers in America 13,500 years ago.