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Blacks trying to wake up Blacks to their REAL problems. (Video Reports)

If I said any of this I would be branded a racist. Therefore I am not going to add my say-so. I don’t need to.  These guys say it all.  Hopefully these courageous people will spread the word to their race and their race will listen.. Unless we unite the races in the coming revolution the Controllers will have their way . . . a race war instead a war of information exposing our present rogue government. . . EDITOR

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Lots of people wanting this guys channel so here ya go
I actually should have done this a long time ago.
give credit where credit is due.


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BLACK MEN, Stop Blaming The WHITE MAN!

Assignment: Eyeballin’ Obama’s Impeachment problems (W/Video)

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Edwin Meese: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Guns
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Published on Jan 15, 2013

Poll: Obama unites Texans — on impeachment
By Jessica Chasmar

The Washington Times

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The left-leaning Public Policy Polling has found an overwhelming support from Texas Republicans to impeach President Obama.

What’s even more intriguing is the amount of minorities who support the idea, with 15 percent of Texas’ blacks and 30 percent of the state’s Hispanics saying they’d vote for impeachment. . . . Read Complete Report


Retro, but still lingering: OBAMA MAY GO TO PRISON AND BE IMPEACHED (2012)

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And then there is the forged birth certificate, and using someone else’s SS number to answer to.