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HOLLOWEEN Video Treats From THEI

We here at THEI hope you have a Happy Holloween and may all your candy be sugar free . . . EDITOR

Happy Hollowen





From youtube uploaded byDaniel Curtis

Ray Stevens – The Booger Man

Published on Jul 12, 2013

Here is two of my favorite things together, Ray Stevens and The Walking Dead! The Booger Man from his 1987 MCA Album “I Never Made A Record I Didn’t Like!”

From youtube uploaded by Pierre1989

Popa Chubby – She said that Evil was her name

Uploaded on Jun 25, 2006

Fantastic Popa Chubby live video of ‘She said Evil was her name’

From youtube uploaded by fingolfin897

Disney’s Monster Mash

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007

**i won the contest for October with this video! yay!! (I really didnt’ expect this video to win crap, lol)**

I made this to enter into the Disney Song/Movie of the Month group contest. If you don’t know, that group has a contest every month with different themes to follow (they’re all disney, though, of course!). This months was a Dance theme, and I figured, why not a Halloween dance?

So yea, this video was made for 3 purposes. Not only to enter into that contest, but it was made as this years first Halloween video, and it also was to premier The Horned King, lol. Yes, I only used him once, but that’s all I needed!!! hehe

All clips belong to Disney.
The song is Monstr Mash by Bobby “Boris” Picket.
The ending song is A Gorey Demise by one of my favoritest bands ever, Creature Feature!!!

From youtube uploaded by Rikkyhardo

They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha (with lyrics) ::: Halloween

Uploaded on Sep 21, 2008

They’re Coming To Take Me Away a hit novelty song by Napoleon XIV (aka Jerry Samuels) it reached no. 4 in the UK chart which fits just right for Halloween and Trick or Treat …
It caused a lot of controversy in the States due to the references to mental illness although in the UK owing to ignorance of American stuff (A.S.P.C.A etc) it was just seen as a funny record. Just wanted to do something for Halloween (which we barely new about 20 yrs ago) I guess its all due to marketing by celebration card companies andToy Manufacturers to make the consumer spend their money willy nilly just another import from the US of A.

HEAR IT HERE FIRST: Ray Steven’s – Obama Nation (music Video)

You could say that music linguist and genius Ray Steven’s is the official Songster of The Hollow Earth Insider . . . or you could say not. I don’t care. But ol’ Ray sure knows how to make a statement. Here’s his latest  for your musical and educational enjoyment. . . . EDITOR

from youtube

Published on Jul 23, 2012 by 

The Official Ray Stevens Obama Nation Video

Did you like that? Want to hear more? Go Deeper and have a Ray Stevens “Throw the Bums Out”Party:

Ray Steven’s Musical State of The Union (videos)

Ray Steven’s Musical State of The Union (videos)

There are lots of us out there protesting our present dispicable governments actions in whatever way we can, but the guy who hits the nail on the head everytime he has his say is the great Ray Stevens. This report is something different.

Here is a selection of Ray Steven’s songs that combined make up a musical, straight to the gut and drawing no punches, State of The Union Report CAUTION OBAMA’s sheeple will not like this musical presentation. . . EDITOR 

all videos from youtube

Ray Stevens – Mr. President – Mr. President
Published on Sep 27, 2011 by    

What are you going to do!?! Find out at http://www.raystevens.com

Ray Stevens – Juanita and the Kids
Uploaded by     on May 25, 2011

Ray’s having some trouble with the IRS. Help him out at http://www.raystevens.com

Ray Stevens – Come to the USA 

Uploaded by     on May 13, 2010

Ray’s song about the illegal immigration debate! Album out now. See more @ http://www.raystevens.com

Ray Stevens – Obama Budget Plan
Uploaded by     on Apr 25, 2011

Unhappy about Obama’s budget? http://bit.ly/RSbudgetYTL for the new album or single.

Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona
Uploaded by     on Aug  4, 2010

Buy or download the single: http://bit.ly/aI9OGz   Ray’s New Song about the problem on our Southwestern borders. Sign up for the email list at http://www.raystevens.com and get a free download!

Ray Stevens – The Skies Just Ain’t Friendly Anymore
Uploaded by     on Feb 17, 2011

Ray’s new TSA video! Get the single at RayStevens.com on CD or download.

RayStevens – The Global Warming Song 
 Uploaded by     on Jun 29, 2010

Ray’s new song about Global Warming! Hear Ray’s album at http://www.raystevensyt.com.

Ray Stevens – Osama (Yo’ Mama)
Uploaded by      on Sep  8, 2010

Ray Stevens – We The People

Uploaded by     on Aug  6, 2010

Ray Stevens – Throw the Bums Out
Uploaded by     on Mar 22, 2010

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