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The Ultimate Reality Show: Search for First Mars Colonists to Begin in July

Featured Image: Planet Mars. CREDIT: NASA (Public Domain)

From IntelHub

Mars One announced that it will begin searching for its first Mars colonists in July 2013.

by Jason McClellan 

Open Minds
April 17, 2013

The company plans to establish the first colony on Mars in 2023. Mars One will televise a two-year search for the initial four astronauts. According to Space.com, Mars One “will begin accepting application videos in July, charging a fee to weed out folks who aren’t serious about their candidacy.” The maximum fee will reportedly be $25, but will vary by country. . . . Read Complete Report

Reality show to track Mendocino anti-pot effort

I believe this propaganda series is another attempt, in a long line of attempts, to broadcast far and wide, once again, the horrors of “the killer weed” . . .EDITOR

from Cal Pot News.com

Mendocino County marijuana eradication officers may soon become reality television stars.

County supervisors on Tuesday narrowly approved allowing reality television filmmakers to document the county sheriff’s anti-pot operations, Glenda Anderson reports in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

“I think there’s a lot to be leery of,” said board Chairman John McCowen. But, “on balance, I’m willing to support it.”

The board approved a contract between Sheriff Tom Allman and Studio Lambert USA on a 3-2 vote. . . . Read Complete Report