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Robotics: Students designing an omnidirectional sphere-wheeled electric motorcycle (W/Video)

from GizMag


September 14, 2012

Thanks to gyros, accelerometers and sophisticated control mechanisms, remaining upright on a two-wheeled vehicle is no longer quite the balancing act it might once have been, even when at a standstill. Visions of future mobility like Honda’s U3-X take such ideas in whole new directions, quite literally, by including multi-directional capabilities, and concepts such as Supple go even further still by ditching wheels altogether in favor of balls. It’s this freedom of movement that inspired a group of students from the Charles W Davidson College Of Engineering at San Jose State University to begin work on the ambitious Spherical Drive System (SDS) electric motorcycle. . . . Read Complete Report

Robotics: Fujitsu Trying to get an Artificial Intelligence into the University of Tokyo

from IEEESpectrum


This glowing green egg with eyeballs (at least, that’s my interpretation) is the logo for an artificial intelligence project being undertaken by Fujitsu Laboratories and Japan’s National Institute of Informatics, with the goal of getting a robot to pass the math portion of the University of Tokyo’s entrance exam. . . Read Complete Report

A Dream Of Robot’s Rights

from Robot magazine

by Kevin James Moore

Walking down 33rd Street, under the shadow of the Empire State Building, Frank Capri heads towards his usual Starbucks on the corner of Fifth Avenue while a multitude of human bodies pass him by. Some of these people are tourist; some of these people have a myopic fix on getting to work.

Capri makes small talk to the familiar barista, then takes his chai latte to a window table where he sits alone and ruminates about whether all this human interaction will disappear in the near future as robots will have a bigger role in society.

There is no idling by Capri as he sits down. His mind is processing scenarios of sentient robots being abused as slaves and he is fearful that another Civil Rights battle might erupt. . . . Read Complete report