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Same old Song and Dance

Nov 2, 2012

Rick Osmon


All the elections in my voting lifetime,up to ’92, I had a pretty firm view on my party alignment. For me, the SHTF on elections that year. Watching every debate since and not seeing the main stream media (MSM) pay attention to any other party or candidates than the big two one, I feel it’s important to find some way to force MSM to pay attention. The other candidates offer well constructed solutions instead of well written rhetoric. That rhetoric has been the same old song and dance for twenty years now. It’s time for a new tune. And a new candidate…ME! Read more

HEAR IT HERE FIRST: Ray Steven’s – Obama Nation (music Video)

You could say that music linguist and genius Ray Steven’s is the official Songster of The Hollow Earth Insider . . . or you could say not. I don’t care. But ol’ Ray sure knows how to make a statement. Here’s his latest  for your musical and educational enjoyment. . . . EDITOR

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The Official Ray Stevens Obama Nation Video

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Ray Steven’s Musical State of The Union (videos)