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CIA Caught Arming Terrorists and Stealing Biometrics – #NewWorldNextWeek

It ain’t as though the CIA does not have a history of this sort of thing. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

CIA Caught Arming Terrorists and Stealing Biometrics – #NewWorldNextWeek


Published on Aug 31, 2017

Breaking: Journalist Interrogated & Sacked for Exposing CIA-NATO Arming of Terrorists

Published on Aug 29, 2017

An investigative journalist has been interrogated by government national security forces and fired from her job for documenting and exposing covert CIA-NATO operations directly arming ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists- A covert operation involving NATO, CIA, U.S.-based Mega Arms Trafficker(s), A Shady U.S. Organization Ran by Well-Known Deep State Players, and much more. Watch this Newsbud exclusive breaking story and investigative report, including our exclusive interview with investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a candid commentary by Sibel Edmonds, leaked documented evidence, and glaring direct connections to some of the biggest names and entities connected to the Deep State, and CIA-NATO Operation Gladio B. This is a preview of a Newsbud Community Members Exclusive. See Full Video Here: http://bit.ly/2vBnz77

Dig a Little DEEPER: CIA Gun Running

Are American Companies Stealing Cuban Brands? (W/Video)

Photo: Cuban eyes world record with 268-foot cigar (Public Domain)

From ABC News

By  (@ruedareport)

April 3rd, 2013

Cuba has accused the U.S. of allowing American companies to “blatantly steal” some of the island’s most important brand names, following a court decision over the famous Cohiba cigar brand. . . . Read Complete Report


From youtube uploaded by Travis McGennum

Cigar Master Making Cohiba Cigar (Havana,Cuba)

Published on Apr 9, 2012

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Photo: Coat of Arms of Rothschild. SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain)

  A little heavy on “the Jewish Conspiracy” but still a lot of information in this documentary. . . .  EDITOR

from youtube

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Job Stealing Robot News (w/video)

While this video may cause some of us to chuckle its actually something that should be watched closely. I have said all along that the Controllers goal is to create a work force of robots to replace complaining, money grabbing human workers. . . . EDITOR

Photo: Robot Dominates World. SOURCE (Public Domain)

from G4TV

Worried about people stealing jobs in this economy? Don’t blame humans; blame robots! Check out these new robotic developments that could ultimately take over the workforce, like the ice cream making Yaskawa-kun robot, the OLIVIA 2.1 mechanical receptionist and more. Maybe this is how robots will finally become dominant, by taking away our sources of income. How devious! . . . Text Posted with video.