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Retro: Flying Saucers & Missing Aircraft: Coincidence or Pattern? (w/video)

I believe this was the first ‘smoking gun’ in the government cover-up of what is going on in our skies. I also believe the U.S. Air Force has been neglected in its duty to recognize Captain Thomas Mantell as a true American hero and the first casualty in our continuing ‘war’ with the advanced civilization that shares our planet with us. . . EDITOR

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It all began, surprisingly, with a retired US Marine Major, Donald E. Keyhoe. He had written a book about Charles Lindbergh (Flying with Lindbergh) and had written articles for True Magazine relating to military matters. When flying saucers hit the spreadsheets in 1947 and aggravatingly would not go away he seemed a logical and credible choice to look into it.
At first, little serious interest was given to their existence, and even less interest was accorded the idea that they were from outer space. But the stories persisted. Then something phenomenal happened. Captain Thomas Mantell, a pilot in the KYANG (Kentucky Air National Guard) supposedly chased a huge flying saucer on January 7, 1948, near Godman Field and was destroyed in the pursuit.
The incident happened at absolutely the wrong time. The scare over flying saucers was at an absolute high. Only a week before this on December 30, 1947, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal had signed Project Sign into effect. Its actual name was not known by the public at that time, so it was popularly known as Project “Saucer.” The Air Force was now officially investigating flying saucers. The day after Mantell’s death the papers read “Saucer Attack.” Two weeks after Mantell’s death, Sign officially started its investigations. This was their first case, and a number of them were already primed to believe that Mantell really died while chasing a genuine flying saucer. . . . Read Complete Report

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