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Thousands Await Clemency for Drug Sentences

Featured Image: Prison Cell. Stillwater SOURCE: Public-Domain

From youtube uploaded by RT America on Jan 3, 2014

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***** 11/8.13: Private prisons: How US corporations make money out of locking you up


Indiana State Police pay thousands for “Stingray” technology

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Dec 11, 2013

The Indiana State Police paid $373,995 for a device that could allow authorities to capture cell phone data from unsuspecting individuals, according to a newly released document obtained by the Indiana Star. RT’s Ameera David has details.

Thousands Of Vets March On Washington, Demanding End To Government Shutdown (Video Report)


From youtube uploaded by Mass Tea Party

Published on Oct 14, 2013

Thousands Of Vets March On Washington, Demanding End To Government Shutdown

Thousands flock to public “cyber points,” Cuba says

Featured image: Mural Showing Cuba flag and Che Guevara SOURCE: Public Domain Images Online. (Public Domain).

From Global Post  Agencia EFE August 29, 2013 16:47

Havana, Aug 29 (EFE).- Cuba’s “cyber points,” which offer public Internet access, have attracted more than 100,000 paying customers in the last three months, government daily Juventud Rebelde said Thursday.

About 60 percent of clients accessed the World Wide Web, while the rest spent their time on Cuba’s domestic intranet or e-mailing, the newspaper said, citing data from state telecommunications monopoly Etecsa. . . . Read Complete Report

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Facebook: Governments requested information on thousands of users (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Facebook just released its first-ever “transparency report,” following the lead of Google.

Offshore Bank Accounts- Thousands of Names released Investigation (Video Report)

Featured Photo: Leaky Faucet CREDITJunior Libby SOURCE: Public Domain Pictures [Text added by THEI]

From youtube uploaded by newsucanshare

Published on Apr 4, 2013

Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact

Dozens of journalists sifted through millions of leaked records and thousands of names to produce ICIJ’s investigation into offshore secrecy . . .

Tens of Thousands Join MassCANN/NORML on Boston Common for 23rd Annual Freedom Rally (w/Video)

from NORML

by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Coordinator

September 19, 2012

This past weekend, tens of thousands of marijuana reform advocates joined MassCANN/NORML on the Boston Common for the 23rd Annual Boston Freedom Rally. This year’s event was a great success, featuring a mix of engaging speakers, entertaining musical acts, diverse vendors, and beautiful weather. Speakers included Jodie Emery, Rep. Barney Frank, Judge Jim Gray, and countless others. If you missed the event this year, be sure to stay tuned to masscann.org for information on next year’s rally as it becomes available. Check out NORML’s photo slideshow from the event below, in addition to several videos of the rally speakers. See you on the Common in 2013! . . . Read Complete Post (With videos and slide show)

from youtube
Boston Common – 2012 Sep 15 – Freedom Rally

Published on Sep 16, 2012 by 

See cameraman Sam in action. This is a samrockcafe production, enjoy the music, and catch a glimpse of Sam enjoying the common after a 5.5 hour long marathon lecture on TECH STRATEGY in downtown Boston.