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Fingerprints: iPhone Users Forfeit Fifth Amendment.

Featured Image: Fingerprint. SOURCE: publicdomainpictures.net

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Published on Nov 1, 2014

Court rules fingerprints have no fifth amendment right. What does this mean for the rest of our biometric data?

Facebook: Governments requested information on thousands of users (Video Report)

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Published on Aug 27, 2013

Facebook just released its first-ever “transparency report,” following the lead of Google.

LATEST BIG BRO INFO: Internet users targeted in massive NSA spy program (Video Report)

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Published on Jun 6, 2013

According to a report released by The Washington Post, the National Security Agency and the FBI have been partnering up to take user data from nine major Internet companies. Meghan Lopez explains the PRISM program.

National Cannabis Holiday Evaluation & Future for Marijuana Users (Video Report) (+) Should Grandma Smoke Pot? (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: U.S. Government Medical Marijuana crop. University of Mississippi.SOURCE: Public-Domain.

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National Cannabis Holiday Evaluation & Future for Marijuana Users

Published on Apr 25, 2013


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Should Grandma Smoke Pot? (Full Documentary) 

Published on Sept 2, 2012

One critic called this genius! The shocking made for TV expose about teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana.

Marijuana users don’t eat more than non-users, according to study

From Toke of the Town

By William Breathes in News

Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 9:20 am
While marijuana might give you the munchies, that doesn’t mean that you ganja tokers are eating more than your non-toking friends. . . . Read Complete Report

Gov’t Seeks to Take Pot Users Guns (Video Report)

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Published on Sep 14, 2012 by 

The Obama Administration through the Justice Department has given the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) the authority to “seize and administratively forfeit property involved in controlled-substance abuses.” In effect: those who are convicted of crimes involving alcohol and/or substance abusers will have their right to bear arms revoked.
by Susanne Posel . . . Text Posted to Youtube