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Ruby Ridge 20th Anniversary (w/”Ruby Ridge & FBI Murder” Full Documentary)

Photo: Vicki Weaver as seen from a USMS surveillance position
21 August 1992. SOURCE Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

I was fortunate to be introduced to Randy Weaver by Col. BO Gritz at a patriot meeting back in the days before the O.K. bombing.

Randy was a quiet and gentle man, I heard his sad, sad story first hand. Its the story of a patriot who moved his family into the wilderness because he feared our government. For this the FBI killed his family. And this was 20 years ago!. It’s time their story is brought to this new generation. . EDITOR 

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 Ruby Ridge 20th Anniversary

Posted on August 21, 2012

Twenty years ago today six men wearing camo and carrying M16s and night-vision goggles crept onto the property of a northern Idaho man, beginning an incident known simply by its location – Ruby Ridge.

Protected by their colleagues also operating on stolen money, those wearing badges destroyed a family and got away with murder. . . Read Complete Report with video


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Up on Ruby Ridge 

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Documentary/song about Ruby Ridge; the Randy Weaver standoff in North Idaho in 1992, original song by Frank Delaney, a Vietnam Era Vet and songwriter, who was at the standoff.
This incident was an example of federal abuse of power, and the local people felt it was an act of war against the people of North Idaho. Weaver was eventually acquitted of most of the charges against him, and was defended by attorney Gerry Spence. . . Text posted with youtube video.

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“Ruby Ridge & FBI Murder” Full Documentary

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“This video is presented to exhibit the ruthless actions of Federal agents and their murder of helpless women and children during the Ruby Ridge “Siege”. It is NOT an endorsement of any form of racism or separatism. The channel holder is avidly against any racism in any form.” Text Posted With youtube Video