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Hidden in Plain Sight – FEMA Way Stations (w/video)

Photo: Brand Park, Glendale, California. Note the barbed wire slanted inward to keep people in not out. Is this a FEMA Way Station?  CREDIT  # 1 NWO Hatr

from From the Trenches

Posted on August 31, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr


“First stop: the San Fernando Valley Water District, being that it is not only the closest, but also the furthest west. It is located just about where the 405 & 5 freeways converge.

“I drove into the parking lot of the Odyssey  Restaurant and took some shots. It was just as the article had claimed. The water district is surrounded by a chain link fence, topped with triple strand barbed wire. The only problem was, the barbed wire was facing the WRONG DIRECTION!

“When you want to keep someone OUT of an area, barbed wire is ALWAYS facing OUTWARD. When you want to keep them in, as with prisons, the barbed wire ( usually with razor wire added in prisons ) is ALWAYS facing inward. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.” . . . Read Complete Report w/photos

from youtube

FEMA Concentration Camps being built for U.S IM NOT JOKING PROOF!

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This is beyond belief but its true, Now we have proof that something IS NOT RIGHT!