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Why you should support the Fair Tax

Why YOU should support the FAIRTAX…

Dear Friend,

The reason you received this email is because a friend thought you would like to receive a 15-25% pay raise.

Interested?  Read on.

There is only one-way to give yourself a raise like this.

Passing the FairTax Plan right now!

Not only does the FairTax Plan give you more of your own money, it also eliminates the IRS. Yes, all 106,000 IRS employees.

When this happens, the FairTax gives you control of when and how you pay your taxes by when and how much you spend on new goods and services.

That’s why the Founding Fathers NEVER imposed an income tax. They understood that the power to tax our income was an affront to our Freedom.

You see, the FairTax plan, when presented without bias, can stand on its own two feet:

➢ It ends the income tax;
➢ It ends the estate tax;
➢ It ends the payroll tax;
➢ It ends the capital gains tax;
➢ It ends the self-employment tax;
➢ It ends the incentive to move jobs overseas
➢ It ends the IRS, and

More importantly,

It is fair: no loopholes, no special deals, no exclusions, no class warfare;
It is simple:  no hunting for receipts, no filing returns, no fear of audits;
It is transparent: you know how much you pay in taxes every time you buy new goods and services;
It supports economic growth by creating jobs; and,
It is revenue neutral, bringing in the same amount of money as the current system.

You want to take home your entire paycheck, and control your tax bill by how much you spend?

Join this national grassroots movement of patriots who support the FairTax Plan by clicking here right now. 

Thank you for your consideration.

For the FairTax,

Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director
Americans For Fair Taxation

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