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The world’s most valuable barn find ever: 60 rare cars untouched for 50 years

Featured Image: Originally destined for a museum before fate intervened: eight Delahayes, nine Talbot Lagos (three with Saoutchik bodies), four Ferraris (including a 250 GT California Spider once owned by a movie star), three Panhard-Levassors, three Lorraine Dietrichs, three Panhard-Levassors, two Delages, plus a Bugatti T57 Ventoux, Hispano Suiza H6B, Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua, Lagonda LG45 cabriolet, Porsche 356 SC … sixty cars in all Source: Gizmag Image Gallery (49 images). (Fair Use).



December 14, 2014

Proof that priceless barn finds are still possible emerged from France this week when elite auction house Artcurial disclosed it had discovered the automotive equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Earlier this year, Artcurial’s Matthieu Lamoure and Pierre Novikoff came across the remarkable treasure trove of rare automobiles on a provincial farm in the West of France. . . . Read Complete Report

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Netherlands & The World’s Shortest Underwater Tunnels

Featured Image: The aqueduct Veluwemeer is an aqueduct in the N302 near Harderwijk, Netherlands which also forms the border between the provinces of Flevoland and Gelderland. CREDIT: This photo was taken by Chris . Further distribution is permitted only under the same conditions as on the roads wiki, also known as the Creative Commons licenses “by” (attribution) and “sa” (share-alike) (by-nc-sa). Commercial use of this or other pictures of this user is not allowed without permission. SOURCE: Wegenwiki Category : Photo Chris Netherlands.

From AcidCow.com 28 May, 2013

Aqueduct Veluwemeer (8 Pics)

Aqueduct Veluwemeer is an underwater underpass in Netherlands that is located under a small part of the lake Veluwemeer and connects the mainland Netherlands to Flevoland, the largest artificial island in the world. . . Read Complete Report with photos.

aquaduct_veluwemeer_02 SOURCE AcidCow Fair UsePhoto: Source Acid Cow.com (Fair Use).


From youtube uploaded by  Did You Know ? on  Sept 21, 2012

Under water tunnel in The Netherlands

THEI Selected Short Subject: Worlds Dumbest Trucker

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Truck. CREDIT:  Junior Libby SOURCE: Public Domainpicture.net

From youtube uploaded by godlovesrednecks on Sep 9, 2011

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World’s Biggest Volcano (Video Report)

Featured Image: Astronaut photo of ash cloud from Mount Cleveland, Alaska, USA. ORIGINALhttp://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=17285 SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons.  (Public Domain).

From Live Science

Turns out, the world’s biggest volcano is a whopping 400 miles wide, and it’s underwater. Powered by NewsLook.

Credit: Powered by NewsLook

World’s 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken (Video Report)

Featured image: camera lens close-up. SOURCE: freeclipart.com (Public-Domain0. 

From youtube uploaded by Hybrid Librarian

Published on May 29, 2013

Strange and genuine photographs you will never forget…

World’s Most Powerful Mafia Not Investigated in Hastings’ Death (Video Report)

Featured Image: Michael Hastings. CREDIT: Glenn Moody SOURCE Rolling Stone (Fair-Use)

From youtube uploaded by InfoWarsNewsHD

Published on Aug 7, 2013

The reaction of the police to death of a key witness in the trial of an accused mafia leader is very much like their reaction to the death of Michael Hastings — move along there’s nothing to see here. And like the investigation of the death of the witness, the death of Michael Hastings will be solved when outside groups push for an honest investigation.

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UFO: The World’s Highest Ranking Alien Believer (Video Report)

Featured Post: Alien. SOURCE: www.wpclipart.com. (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by MotherboardTV

Published on Aug 7, 2013

Paul Hellyer recently stirred up global controversy when he testified before a half-dozen former US representatives that aliens exist. As Canada’s former Minister of Defence, Hellyer is the first and only cabinet-ranking official from a G8 nation to publicly state a belief in extraterrestrials.

MOTHERBOARD visits Paul Hellyer at his cottage in the sleepy and scenic woods of Ontario to find out more about his extraterrestrial claims. This is Paul Hellyer in real life.

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David Hatcher Childress – The Lost Cities Of Ancient Worlds (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Lost City. SOURCE: Unknown

From youtube uploaded by ZeroSixtyFive on Jun 5, 2012

HITLER’S SUPERCITY – Lost Worlds (documentary)

Featured Image: Flag of German Reich, 1935–1945. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public-Domain).

From youtube uploaded by LifeAndHistory101 on May 14, 2013

Subterranean Worlds: Veins of the Earth – Mexico (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Karst cave with underground river exiting at Tolantongo, Hidalgo State, Mexico. CREDIT: Thelmadatter SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by journeymanpictures

Published on Apr 29, 2013

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