Want to dig even deeper into the Hollow Earth Theory, Conspiracies, Hidden History, UFO’s, Polar Peculiarities?

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  1. Robert says:


  2. donnie says:

    go! man go! drop me a line.

  3. Hi Dennis…love reading your articles. I wonder if you know of a reliable source reporting jet stream fall out and radiation levels spreading from Japan. Hope you do an article about all the reactors in the U.S.
    Happy Easter

  4. James says:

    Hello Dennis Thank you for the commentary on the Bob Dylan’s Stealing of James Damiano’s songs. Just wanted you to know I’m
    available for comment and or interview thank you

    • dgcrenshaw says:

      No problem. Please keep me informed of any updates. As a long time music lover and with many friends in the business, both well known and unknown, I know how you must feel. Good luck.

  5. It’s good to read your articles again Dennis… thought provoking and insightful as usual mate.

  6. ppi says:


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  8. jk says:

    Why doesn’t somebody make a mass expedition to the south or North Pole with a million plus people and a couple of news crews and go find oout whether or not there is a earth within the earth

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