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The Astronauts and the UFOs (w/videos)

Photo: Piers Sellers spacewalk SOURCE NASA Public Domain

An overview of UFO sightings by our men who have traveled in space. . . EDITOR

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NASA Astronauts and UFO Sightings

Major Gordon Cooper

Cooper’s sighting was reported by the National Broadcast Company, which was covering the flight step by step; but when Cooper landed, reporters were told that they would not be allowed to question him about the UFO sighting.

Major Cooper was a firm believer in UFOs. Ten years earlier, in 1951 he had sighted a UFO while piloting an F-86 Sabrejet over Western Germany. They were metallic, saucer-shaped discs at considerable altitude and could out-maneuver all American fighter planes.

Major Cooper also testified before the United Nations: . . . Read Complete Report


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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

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Buzz Aldrin talks about the ‘UFO‘ which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon. . . . SOURCE

Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 Astronaut) on UFOs at National Press Conference – April 24, 2009

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“It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence,” Edgar D. Mitchell, who made the longest moonwalk in history, told those attending a conference in Gaithersburg, Md., set up by the Paradigm Research Group. . . . Read complete post

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs

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Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper talks about his UFO sightings and experiences. . . . Read Complete Post


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Lights In The Sky The Astronauts and the UFOs

Dig DEEPER: UFO’s: Extra-Terrestrial or Co-Planetarian?

Retro: Dan Aykroyd: UFOs

One of the best known figures in the world to actually come out “for UFOs” in a big way is Dan Aykroyd.  And as this full link video proves he not only walks the walk but he talks the talk. . . EDITOR

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One of the worlds most famous actors tells about UFOs

I know many of you have seen this already but, for all that didn’t, I love this actor and really admire all of his films. So feel free to enjoy!

One of the worlds most famous and brilliant actors Dan Aykroyd tells about UFOs. You’ve seen him in many Hollywood successful productions such as Ghostbusters or Blues Brothers, Saturday Night Live, Chuck and Larry and Pearl Harbor, to mention a few. He has also been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame and in 1994. In 1998  Dan Aykroyd also received an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Carleton University.

Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms (just like me), here he look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings. . . . Read Complete Article

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Triangle-Shaped UFOs Buzz Over United States, England And Australia (w/video)

from Huffington Post

Posted: 05/ 3/2012 11:20 am Updated: 05/ 3/2012 1:20 pm

by Lee Spreigel

Those triangle-shaped UFOs just don’t seem to go away. Whether they’re conventional planes, experimental stealth technology or truly unexplained vehicles, reports continue to surface about these aircraft.

And the sightings aren’t isolated to a single location. Reports and videos have emerged recently from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

It used to be that most UFO spotters related stories about unusual saucer-shaped or cigar-shaped craft in the skies. Around the mid-1970s, sightings of triangle-shaped, boomerang-shaped and, yes, Dorito-shaped objects hit UFO news outlets.

Some of these UFOs may, in fact, be top-secret military aircraft like the ones now known to have been developed and tested at the legendary Area 51 base north of Las Vegas.

But does that explanation fit all of them? Here’s a look at some of the latest triangular craft. . . . Read Complete Report /additional video

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Published on Apr 27, 2012 by

“Three fast flying UFOs have been filmed by passenger from an airplane, just 10 minutes before passing the London Sky (England, United Kingdom) from northwest on his way to Frankfurt, Germany on April 26, 2012. UFO Sighting near London, UK.”

UFOs: Government Keeps its Citizens in the Dark!

from UFO Digest

Submitted by Paul Schroederon Tue, 03/20/2012 – 09:31

Isn’t Big Brother, Just Family?: Government Protects its Citizens, by Keeping Them in the Dark

by Paul Schroeder

Knowing full well that government disclosure of UFO/alien realities would cause complete religious and social societal disintegration, our government has thoughtfully and parentally organized covert agencies of disinformation to sustain the fabric of societal equilibrium, I herein list only a few: . . . Read complete report

F16 jetfighter in dogfight with UFOs over Denmark?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Danish F16 jetfighter in dogfight with UFOs over Denmark sounds like pure fiction, but I think there may actually be some truth here, especially when you study the pictures I am presenting further below. On July 6, 2010 at 12.45 pm, I was in Odense city at the street Vestre Stationsvej and had accidentally a camera with me, when I heard the roar of a fighter plane in the skies over me in a north-westerly direction. There were some clouds in the sky that day and I did not succeed to see the plane, which probably have been a Danish F16 jetfighter, but I could hear it clearly and it sounded as though the pilot up there used afterburner a few times with short intervals and I got the feeling, that he frantically tried to get into position to something up there. Instinctively, I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures in the direction the sound came from and this resulted in a total of 13 images, where 10 of them might be interesting for UFO enthusiasts. I did not make any visual contact with the UFOs while I photographed, so unfortunately, I did not have a live UFO sighting. . . . Read complete report

UFOs, Richard Dolan, The Need To Know & A Salute to Steven Bassett

I applaud the hard work of Mr. Steven Bassett for all these years (20 I believe) of never ceasing to move forward with his project of “Disclosure” by the government in regards to UFOs.
After Steven Bassett and his group collecting 5000 signatures the Disclosure petition was submitted to the White House. As could be expected the petition was been answered with a non-answer (See Video) I consider Mr. Bassett a true hero for doggedly sticking to his guns for the truth all these years. I must admit I stood on the sidelines and watched. I have not really been behind the “Disclosure” movement. I have watched so many movements that were going to “get to the truth out” over the last 40 years that I guess I’ve become sort of pessimistic.  I firmly believe, that he UFO question will be answered by those boots-on-the-ground Ufologist like Steven Bassett, not by our controlled government.

Another hero in the seeking and reporting  of the truth concerning those elusive things in the sky, Richard Dolan ( author of the very revealing book Cover-Up Exposed: UFOs & The National Security State is now out to get even more signatures (2500) to push the Whitehorse again in stronger language. I guess I’m jumping on board now. Watch the video below and sign the partition. . . . EDITOR

LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT! The petition is valid for 30 days, and expires Dec. 30, 2011. It requires 25,000 signatures to elicit a response from the White House. Please sign. Go to

NEW BIOLOGICAL TYPE of UFOs showing up over Mexico City!

A youtube video you may have missed : New Biological Type of UFO showing up over Mexico City

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CREDIT GIVEN to OPEN MINDS TV for these amazing photos and article.

NASA ADMITS UFOs EXIST… but where’s the media?

THE NEW Hollow Earth Insider

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Editor & Commentary: Dennis Crenshaw

NASA: States they Have No Idea What these Orbs of Light UFOs Are From

Fox News video Report Posted to youtube Sept 10, 2011

Transcript of the tape.

“The object was detected under the space craft yesterday. It  was detected shortly after a routine check of the shuttles steering jets.  After Columbia NASA has developed several procedures and tools to protect the shuttle while in space.  NASA Admits  they may never know what the objects are.

“Space Shuttle Program Director Wayne Hale: Over the years we have chased many, many, many of these things but not with the visibility that this one has gotten, and uh, rarely have we been able to pinpoint exactly where they came from and always finding out that it didn’t pose us any hazard.  . . .”

Well here… hear it for yourself.

Now that is news!  Where are the “Day the World Ended” headlines or the “We interrupt this program for a special report..”.  I think It appears as though I’ve been right for a while.  WE have all been listening to the talking heads so long we miss the importance of some of the reports that come across the boob tube, especially if it is reported only one time in the wee hours of the morning where any decent soul is home in bed or passed out in the Denny’s parking lot in his ride .. . .

Oh excuse me. Didn’t mean to interrupt you evening of watching “All in the Family” reruns… or were you going to watch the debate to see who’s going to be head flunkey next  time? . . .   and you’d think those guys running around shouting “disclosure any day now” all the time would have jumped  on this. . . . shame, shame.

The questions I have for Mr. Hale is …(1) What did you mean by “rarely” have we been able to pinpoint exactly where they came from?”  Tell us about those rare occasions when you WERE  able to pinpoint exactly where they came from… same old smoke and mirrors if you ask me. (2) How did you FIND OUT they “pose no hazard?”  Where William Moore when you need him…..


New NEWS on the JFK Hit & the UFO Connection

JFK Assignation – add UFOs to the list of reasons he was murdered

Even before the sun set over the killing field of the grassy knoll in Dallas Texas back on October 22th 1963 folks were speculating on where the blame should go.  The “lone nut Oswald theory” was in vogue within hours of the coup.    Since then I’ve read books and articles putting the blame on the CIA, the Mafia, J. Edger Hoover, Castro, Lyndon Johnson, the Military-Industry complex (for JFK’s plans to pull the military out of the profiteers cash cow, Viet Nam), International Bankers (for issuing legal interest-free Treasury Notes in place of interest baring Federal Reserve Notes with the eventual aim of closing down the FED); even Joe DiMaggio is on the list of suspects because of Kennedy’s dilly-dallying with Marylyn  Monroe. Then again it could be a combination of any of the above.  Hell, I guess it could have been the whole bunch together!  A super- conspiracy.

For years there have been rumors and innuendos whispered about a UFO Connection to JFK’s Assassination.

This from the Daily Mail Posted April 19, 2011

Was JFK Killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret Memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death.

Read the entire article and decide for yourself…

So, let me get this straight.  The President demands to be briefed on UFOs and 10 days later he’s killed? Humm, I hate to say it because I’m known I’m going to make a lot of people out there upset with me, but here goes…. could the “lone nut” shooter have been … Paul The Alien?  I know, corny. But they never did explain what he seemed to be running from when he met up with his two road buddies.

But let’s get serious.  Maybe it’s time we all read Kenn Thomas’ book, JFK & UFO: Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-Up from Maury Island to Dallas


The Truth is Somewhere

I don’t know why I’ve been waiting all these years for the promised UFO disclosure from our Government that some people in the UFO community have been telling us is “just around the corner” for the last 20 years; after all, Jack Nicholson gave it all away back in 1969 in the movie Easy Rider.

Of course he wasn’t visited by the Men in Black or assassinated to shut him up or anything.  After all it was obvious he was under the influence of the “killer weed” and who the hell is going to believe a pothead?.

Blast from the Past: Jack Nicholson explains UFOS – From Easy Rider


Drive-In Saturday Night Double Feature “This Island Earth” Starring Jeff Morrow + Second Feature + Selected Short Subjects

This Island Earth / 1955


Drive in intermission films

Published on Dec 20, 2007

Classic 9 minutes of Drive-in intermission films on a Drive-in movie screen. ” You now have 9 minutes till showtime”

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THEI Eyeballs the Men in Black Mystery 2017

Men in Black Mystery JUST GOT STRANGER

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Published on Aug 27, 2017

Who Are The Men In Black?

Bedtime Stories

Published on Apr 2, 2017

S01E10 – Who Are The Men In Black? – Government agents of suppression? Or extra-terrestrial visitors in disguise? Who are the Men in Black? And could recent CCTV footage finally provide proof of their existence? This week on Bedtime Stories, we pull back the veil on these highly mysterious individuals.

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