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Statement of Purpose
The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report was not started for the purpose of presenting the evidence proving the theory that the earth is hollow or that there is a subterranean word beneath our feet. My major goal was to research and report on, not only The Hollow Earth and Subterranean mysteries, but other mysteries and secrets that my research indicates very strongly are all interrelated.
The  major problem with trying to understand the Hollow Earth Theory is the material available up until the 1990s has been rehashed and watered down. It seems that every twenty years or so a new "Hollow Earth Researcher", using the works of Ray Palmer and Raymond Bernard of the 50s and 60s, tries to "prove" that the earth is hollow. This is a new century! If a world within our world is not a real possibility then a closer study using 21st century technology should at least bring forth new evidence which will prove that the whole idea is ridiculous. Or scientific evidence in support of the theory as has been our experience. And then there are the Controllers. . .  we'll be keeping a close eye on their shenanigans. 
Join us as we explore the undergrounds that exist within our planet and within our socity on a quest for the truth..
Dennis Crenshaw (Editor)

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This Site is dedecated to all of those who explore the mysteries of earth and the creatures who call it home. . . both those on the outer surface and those residing deep in the inner realms. . . for we are, after all,  co-planetarians.

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NASA finally admits that they don't know what the orbs of light UFOs are

Hudson & Landry: The Fate of the Mightest Nation

BONUS TREAT: From Rick Osmon and I to you guys, our friends and supporters here at THEI and "Unraveling the Secrets"! Wasn't for you we'd have no one to take our rants out on.

Who jump-started the cocaine & crack epidemic in the United States way back "in the day"?  Least we forget . . .
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