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to be served at the Oopa Loopa Cafe?

A 1 hour TV show about, well, you never know for sure what will cross your screen… We strive to bring you information that is both important and entertaining at the same time.

The Oopa Loopa Cafe is an educational programming compilation, subtle humor, and commentary. We present content covering extremely diverse topics from history, archaeology, particle physics, and paleontology to ballistics, UFO’s, hollow earth theory, and human intelligence. We also feature musicians and recording artists, authors, weird uncles, and the occasional elected official (if we’re desperate). Although yes, we do limited political commentary, we rip all political parties equally.

We cover everything from current events and human interest, to pre-Columbian contact, outer space aliens to bed bugs, interviews with scientists, novelists, musicians, treasure hunters to tree trimmers, and the kid next door or somebody on the other side of the planet – or even off of it (long distance charges may apply).

We include regular features – well, regular in the sense that we show them consistently – some we create and some from contributors. We employ ace pre-production creators and post-production folks. And we communicate both to and with the audience. So, who is that audience? They are 69% male, all ages (51% age 35~50) , all over the world (63% US).

The show format is designed with 3 segments and can easily be used by PEG or broadcast stations as a one hour program with the following schedule:

Top of the hour> start OLC segment 1

00:17:00 > start 6 minute break (PSA’s commercials, news-weather-sports, etc)

00:23:00 > start OLC segment 2

00:37:00 > 3 minute break

00:40:00 > start OLC segment 3

00:57:00 > end of OLC

Interested re-users, contributors, or potential sponsors please contact: oopaloopacafe@gmail.com


  1. Gabe gilker says:

    Where are you guys based? Do you know how I can get in touch with the hollow earth society in Ottawa?

    • rickosmon says:

      Hi Gabe,
      We’re in Florida, Indiana, and contributors from all over. I’ll see what I can find about the Ottawa group.

  2. Deborah Lane says:

    I live in Indiana, and I’ve visited your website several times..I am a contactee, since 1958 as best as I can recall.
    My question: who do I call to share my experiences and possibly get some help?
    I appreciate any information you can give me!
    Thank you!

    • rickosmon says:

      Hi Deborah, what kind of help do you desire? The show is closed down for now, but I’ll be happy to put you contact with someone who may be able to assist you.


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