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TabloidsDelayed from last week due to the usual problems, let’s give ur’ another shot. . .

You’ll never stand in a supermarket checkout line again without thinking of this show after you hear what Jim Hogshire has to say.  Also, a look at the sorry state of the 1st Amendment . . EDITOR



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Unraveling the Secrets

Published on Jan 5, 2014

Hosted by Dennis Crenshaw & Stephen Roberts, and heard live every Saturday Night at 9pm pst. / Midnight est. / For archives check out

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Unraveling the Secrets

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Your Host: Dennis Crenshaw EDITOR Co-Host Stephen Roberts.

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Unraveling the Secrets #1 “Today’s Press & the 1st Amendment”

Also on the same show:

An edited version of an interview from an earlier show with Jim Hogshire author of “Grossed-out Surgeon Vomits Inside Patient! An Insider’s Look at Supermarket Tabloids”. A second chance to hear information seldom hear or read anywhere. Don’t miss this first show of the year.

 If you thought those supermarket tabloids you glance at, read the headline, or buy is just for fun, think again. As they say “follow the money” and Jim Hogshire does just that and more. Don’t miss the “best” of this classic interview on a subject few talk about. The supermarket propaganda disinformation rags. . . EDITOR


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“Unraveling the Secrets” radio Archive

Angel has been working diligently to have a new people friendly “Unraveling the Secrets” page and Archive of past and future shows by the time of my first show. And he has done it!

One click of the “Unraveling the Secrets” link on our top task bar will bring you to the archives of almost ALL of the weekly “Unraveling the Secrets” shows, with all the Hosts, guests and fun and knowledge that can be crammed into 4 years of broadcast. Check it out. . . Site Top task bar above – Unraveling the Secrets. . . EDITOR


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Published on Dec 27, 2013

Video Promo #1 for upcoming return of Dennis Crenshaw, EDITOR to the show, “Unraveling the Secrets”, Sat. Night at Midnight starting 1/4/14

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Unraveling the Secrets: Countdown 24 Days


I’ve started working on the January 4th 2014 Unraveling the Secrets psn-radio show. Hint about the content:  It is the 1st show so, we’ll start with the 1st. . . . EDITOR

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Unraveling the Secrets on the Horizon

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“THEI presents Unraveling the Secrets” PSN-radio program is gearing up

PRESS Release


When the current hosts of  “Unraveling the Secrets” radio show broadcasting over ,  my good friends Wm. Michael (Mike) Mott and Tim Swartz, hear that I was knocking around new ideas about starting  a new radio show they both agreed to turn Unraveling . . . back over to me.  They not only agreed, but insisted.  Thank’s guys that meant a lot.

But Mike and Tim are not riding off into the sunset. They will be moving to another time slot on PSN-RADIO with a totally NEW show. Good luck to them.    

I have begin to put together a format for the next installment of “Unraveling the Secrets” that will be fast and informative. We have also decided to intersect the new show with classic “Unraveling the Secrets” interviews from my first shows.  All in all, with an Angel’s help (inside joke) I think I’ll come up with some enjoyable and informative shows. . . EDITOR

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Dennis Crenshaw returning to “Unraveling the Secrets” internet-radio show

Featured Image: Banner of the original “Unraveling the Secrets”. Rick Osmon was my co-host back then and we designed the banner together.

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Here’s a promo I did back in the days of my first adventure on the airwaves. Hope you enjoy it. And hope you’ll join me for my new “Unraveling the Secrets” coming in January. Bring your friends and lets take a shot at waking others up to the truths by exploring the secrets all around us and in our controlled lives.  

Join us and bring others who might want to get a line on what’s going on just out of sight.  The time has come for an INFORMATION REVOLUTION. . . EDITOR

Secrets of Friendship Park, Jacksonville Florida

By Dennis Crenshaw

Conspiracy Boogie

Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

I had a blast putting this one together. Clips from several films, graphic novels, stage performances, and, of course, soundtrack of “Conspiracy Boogie” by “The Revrand” Billy C. Wirtz. I did just a tad of animation, but you have to look really closely to find it. Editing accomplished using Corel Video Studio 4. Scripting and story boarding compiled in CELTX . . . Rick