Denver Airport UFO Hub?

UFO Phil was trying to raise enough money to build a spaceport in Colorado a couple years ago. I wonder now if somebody took him seriously?
A Denver news crew was in for a surprise when the “UFO nut”, ummm unidentified man, who wouldn’t leave them alone, finally challenged them to bring their own camera and capture video themselves. Whoa! They caught their own images. Darn right they did. The Fox 31 crew then went into investigate mode, even encouraging viewers with info to call the station’s tip line. They interviewed “experts”. And more experts. Whatever is flying over Denver is truly “unidentified”. It’s certainly worth watching. Lot’s of negative commentary on their web page, most of which leans to “It’s bugs, you fools” (though I cleaned it up a bit). Frankly, I can’t tell whether it’s insects, but there ought to be a way…Hmmmm…
Now, my geekiness went into full gonzo on how to test the validity of these videos. Turns out it is just too simple. Shoot with two cameras separated by a couple feet, but watching the same patch of sky or scenery. If only one camera captures the fleeting flyby, it’s an insect. If both capture it in similar frame locations, it’s not a bug. Voila. Or it’s one of Ender Wiggins‘ bugs.
Rick Osmon

UFOs over Denver (maybe)

By Mike Krumboltz | The Sideshow –15 Nov 2012

Straight out of the X Files comes this clip from Denver’s Fox 31. Last week, a viewer sent the station a video of something … something spooky. A flying object was buzzing in the sky, and it looked like maybe it was carrying little green men.
Was it really a UFO? Suspecting the clip was a prank, the TV station sent out its own photojournalist to see if he could document the same weirdness on his own. Guess what? He did.

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