Caves of the World # 6 ~Greece ~ Alepotrypa: Killer cave may have inspired myth of Hades (W/Video)

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By Charles Choi, LiveScience

Wed, Nov 28 2012 at 2:05 PM EST

Archeologists discover that cave and artifacts inside are actually much more extensive and abundant than previously thought.

A giant cave that might have helped serve as the inspiration for the mythic ancient Greek underworld Hades once housed hundreds of people, potentially making it one of the oldest and most important prehistoric villages in Europe before it collapsed and killed everyone inside, researchers say.

The complex settlement seen in this cave suggests, along with other sites from about the same time, that early prehistoric Europe may have been more complex than previously thought.
The cave, located in southern Greece and discovered in 1958, is called Alepotrypa, which means “foxhole.” . . . Read Complete Report
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Uploaded on Oct 18, 2007

The cave of Alepotrypa is very famous in neolithic circles for having caved in after thousands of years of use, trapping the last inhabitants inside. We had the opportunity to visit at the weekend of 6-7 October 2007. Things to look out for are the FN figurines, the big lump of obsidian and the stal on the skull.

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