The Bloody Truth About Serbia’s Vampire

from National Geographic

Sasha Ingber

National Geographic News

Published December 17, 2012

Following a recent scare, experts shed light on the enduring myth of the undead.

Garlic sales are up. Wooden crosses are a hot commodity. That can only mean one thing: Vampire on the loose!

But this isn’t part of a movie script or book. It’s a real-life event in the Serbiantown of Zarozje (map), where last month the local council issued a public health warning that the resident vampire, Sava Savanovic, may be on the prowl. (See“Pictures: Toothless ‘Vampire’ Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria.”)

The vampire scare was sparked by reports that an old mill where the vampire allegedly lived has collapsed. . . Read Complete Report



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