11 Jan 2013, The Oopa Loopa Cafe

OLC 11 Jan 2013 (11 AM EST)

lostcivna title 1080Main Feature: Lost Civilizations of North America Part 5

nealadams1080Neal Adams, Parts 3 & 4

otw1080osContinuing our new feature:  Oopa Loopa Cafe: Off the Wall,

temerity cover….and continuing our daily double feature of Temerity Magazine

Chinese desert mystery

 Where’d Ya Go, Leif?

Bank of America chooses sides against gun makers

 So click on the player in the right column or go to www.htn21.com (if you use the “pop out” player, you can continue to surf the other great content here on the Hollow Earth Insider without interrupting the TV show)

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