Death Knell of the One World Order: Made in America

Is it even possible to build a an entire home with strictly American made products?

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According to this report, if only 5% of new homes contractors used this list of all American products, 220,000 new American jobs would result.

If all contractors did so, that comes out to 4.4 million new jobs.

But how much more would the new home cost? According to the architects and economists, only about 1% more. According to some of the contractors who already pursue this plan, the actual cost is lower because the initial quality of the American made materials is higher, resulting in fewer warranty repairs and lower long term ownership or maintenance costs.

Chinese-manufactured drywall made news a few years back when it was discovered that it was already riddled with black mold when it arrived at the US ports. Chinese made metal roofing and other steel building materials are often already bubbling with rust spots when they arrive on a building site.

Within ten miles of my home is one of the largest steel building materials formers in the country. They use American-pressed sheet coils, American-made forming machines, and 97% of their work force were born in the same county where they work. Even their phone service is a user co-op, owned 100% locally. The phone company dividend checks, mailed in mid-December have to travel through four counties each way before delivery, however. That’s the USPS efficiency experts in inaction.

In the next county over are two drywall manufacturing plants with similar stories (and the same phone service as the steel former). They mine the gypsum right there and press it into wall board. They even are eco-friendly in that they have developed ways to use fly ash, scrubbed from coal fired power plants, to strengthen the wallboard while also reducing its weight. So in addition to getting a higher quality, longer lasting, and light weight product, it also helps keep the environment a tad bit cleaner.

Is it possible to build a house, a car, a business building, a road, or a bridge using only materials, components, and tools made in the United States? Yes! Even more to the point, it’s also easier and more reliable.

Is it possible to buy a toy, apparel, fresh produce, gasoline, cleaning products, or electronic equipment made in America? Barely.

Gasoline: CountryMark uses only American crude and refineries, is 10% ethanol brewed from American corn, and is competitively priced. Its availability is limited and generally only in a couple states – right now.

Toys: Your choices of “wildly popular” plastic toys made in America is extremely limited. Choices for American-made electronic toys is almost non-existent. Wooden toys, doll clothes, some games, just a few art supplies are all available from American – even home town – producers.

The One World Order plan to reduce the number of income brackets to two, ours and theirs, is in full swing. This is not a new tactic, it was practiced by ancient Rome. And it is not about taxing production, it’s about taxing and controlling the movement or transport of goods. So the best, easiest, and surest way to reduce their power is to buy only locally or nationally produced goods.

Now don’t get me wrong, some products should be imported. For instance, I want only Mexican tequila…

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