Man falls into 18-foot sinkhole while playing golf

Photo: Sinkhole in Frederick, Maryland. CREDIT:  Randall Orndorff , U.S. Geological Survey. [Go to the site. its way cool! EDITOR]

Could the under-people have gotten a-hold of a copy of “The Mole People” and realized they had the best plan for abduction particularly interesting looking humans simply by sucking them into the dark realms. . . I know, I’m a nut and am truly sorry about the lose of life.  But the thought just crossed my conspiratorial mind. After all, there are under-people. . EDITOR

From Eye on Golf

By Kyle Porter | Blogger

Well if this isn’t the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard about happening on a golf course, I don’t know what is.

St. Louis golfer Mark Mihal fell 18 feet down a sinkhole in the middle of the fairway last weekend during a round of golf in Waterloo, Ill. Read & Hear Mark’s first hand account.

Dig a Little Deeper (no pun): 3/3/13:  Massive Sinkhole Swallows Florida Man As He Screams For Help (W/Video)

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