COMAN: Researchers build first fully-limbed passive compliant robot (w/ video)

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Featured Image: COMAN Humanoid. Credit: IIT (Fair Use) SOURCE: Phys.Org.

From Phys.Org  April 10, 2013 by Bob Yirka

( —Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology with funding from the European AMARSI project have built the first passive compliant robot that features both arms and legs. Passive compliant robots are those that have flexible joints that allow the robot to move in more human-like ways. The new robot, called the COmpliant huMANoid (COMAN), is approximately the size of a child and is able to maintain its upright position even when knocked around. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by IITVideos

Full Body Compliant Humanoid COMAN

Published on Apr 3, 2013

The COmpliant huMANoid COMAN is developed by the Department of Advanced Robotics (ADVR), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).…
All the achievements shown in this video are attributed to the team work of the Humanoid Group in ADVR, IIT.

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