Time Travel Coming, American Physicist Declares

We here at THEI have been following Pro. Mallet’s Time Machine project since he first appeared as a scientific frontrunner when it came to the actuality of time travel.  Of course I have had a fascination with time travel since the days of pulp fiction and 10 cent comic books. But this is the 21st century. Check out where the good Professor stands in his quest today. . . EDITOR
from before it’s news
Time Travel Coming, American Physicist Declares
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 1:04

Professor Mallet has a dreama dream that almost borders on an obsession: build the world’s first real time machine that can transport humans through time. If he achieves that dream he intends to travel to the past on a personal mission to save his father’s life.

Mallet has been intrigued with time and time travel since childhood. A professor of physics for three decades, Mallet published his first formal paper outlining his time travel research in Physics Letters more than a decade ago. . . . Continue

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