MUST WATCH: Countdown to Global War: Where’s the Establishment Press?

 We are in an information war with the Controllers here at home trying to wake the populace to the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In order to take away the free time retirees might use to to study the plans of the Controllers and wake the younger generation to whats going on, or make a stand themselves the globalist are taking back the baby boomers assets before they get on Social Security. By taking the baby boomers assets; i.e. homes, savings, investments, land etc. they are setting that generation up to worry more about the Government Check they will so desperately need at the end of the month of each month than what is happening to our citizens rights.

However, while the major world powers have been able to use their total control of propaganda – and its all propaganda – through their control of media, entertainment and sports to control their citizens mind until we finally agree to join a One World Order, the Controllers are well aware that they will never be able to indoctrinate all the peoples of the world. So for the rest of the World’s people who will refuse to fall in place there is only one answer . . . WAR!

The Controllers are quietly setting up for a Global War out of which will come the fascist/ socialist One World Order they have, for so long, dreamed of.  As usual the establishment press remains quiet on the subject.  As ordered by their establishment honchos they concentrate on one of the brush fires to control our attention, at present its the build-up for a war with Iran.  No where in the establishment press do you hear anything but small snippets of the world wide build-up as the controllers set the stage for the imminent Global War. . . EDITOR

from the Centre for Research on Globalization

a youtube video

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