The War on Drugs is Racist (Video Report)

Featured Image: Jail Cell. CREDIT:Andrew Bardwell from Cleveland Ohio, USA. SOURCE: Wikipedia. (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by NewsPoliticsInfo

Published on May 8, 2013

On average, African Americans spend almost as much time in prison for drug offenses as white criminals do for violent offenses.



From Erowid

Authorship unknown Aug 31, 2000 Originally published on The Cannabis Information Network

How to Avoid Getting Busted And What to Do if You Are

Most of us realize that the laws prohibiting marijuana use for medicinal and recreation purposes are misguided. However, no matter how unjust the law is, we must be careful to avoid arrest.

It’s very easy to get arrested on marijuana charges. It’s equally easy to avoid getting busted. So let’s all smarten up and avoid jail time by reading the tips below . . . Read Complete Report


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