Money & Life (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Piles of money. CREDIT: Talia-Felix. SOURCE:

From youtube uploaded by Money & Life

Published on May 1, 2013

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We are offering Money & Life to the world in spirit of the Gift. With the Creative Commons license we are effectively decriminalizing and inviting sharing of the film. By streaming the film online at no cost we are removing the financial barrier to access. Because the most important thing is that the film enter the flow of peer-to-peer sharing and discourse.

Instead of setting a price and transacting before you’ve seen the film, we are turning the tables and allowing you to experience the film and gift back according to your values, your means, and the quality of how the film may have gifted you.

Substantial resources went into the high quality production of this film and the creators are hoping to recoup some of these expenses. Additionally, donations will go towards supporting the film’s continued outreach and distribution.

If the film was of value to you, please pass it on to friends, family and colleagues and consider gifting back!

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