From the President’s UFO Website: The Latest denial in the UFO Cover-up

The latest try for UFO Disclosure by partitioning the White House came out as expected. The official statement of the request to ”formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race” was answered with the 50 year old lie “no creditable evidence.”  In fact the answer for their Freedom of Information request to the Office of the President for documents was that none existed.  However, in the FOIA filed in March 2011 the OSTP stated that there are documents. . . EDITOR

According to an article published on the President’s UFO Website,

Here’s the Latest on the Aliens

by Grant Cameron dateline, 1/4/12,

“The official conclusion of “no credible evidence” by the White House is therefore not supported by any evidence itself – whether credible or not. The Obama White House has become like a student who produces a book report without reading the book. Even more unpardonable is the fact that the FOIA exposed the fact that the OSTP did not even look for any evidence. The conclusion – the scientific arm of White House has been caught rigging the experiment to come to a preordained conclusion. …” Read Complete report

Interesting when compared to this story that we filed on Christmas Day about the Obama’s sending out Christmas cards with a photo of a UFO over the White House.

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