Scans might reveal even past brain activity

Featured Image: Brain at work. (Public Domain)

From World Science June 25, 2013
Courtesy of the Weizmann Institute
and World Science staff

New re­search hints that sci­en­tists could probe the brain and un­cov­er the his­to­ry of past ex­pe­ri­ences.

Re­search­ers found that waves of nerve cell ac­ti­vity in the brain bear im­prints of ear­li­er events, ex­tend­ing at least a day in­to the past.

The re­search stems from work by neuro­bi­ol­o­gist Rafi Ma­lach at Is­ra­el’s Weiz­mann In­sti­tute and oth­ers showing that the brain nev­er rests, even when its own­er is rest­ing. . . . Read Complete Report

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