The Biker-Muslim Showdown (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill for America : “The Biker-Muslim Showdown”

Published on Sep 13, 2013

One million Muslims planned to shame America on 9-11 but America’s bikers roared in to answer their jihad!

From youtube uploaded by Today’s Breaking News

Two Million Bikers’ Event Brings Thousands To D.C. In Protest Of Nonexistent ‘Million Muslim March’

Published on Sept 12, 2013

Despite being denied a permit to ride motorcycles through Washington D.C., thousands of bikers took to the nation’s capital to protest the “Million Muslim March,” a tiny, fringe event magnified by recent conservative outrage.

From youtube uploaded by RightSightings

Published on Sep 11, 2013

“2 Million Bikers” Roar into Washington D.C. to honor 9/11 victims and to protest the Muslim rally.

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