Cuba Libre (not the Adult Beverage) Update

Featured Image: Holguín, Cuba’s 4th largest city, street view. CREDIT: Photo : Anton Zelenov in the immediate vicinity of the image. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)


From The Voice of Russia 

Cuba – Obama calls for new policy

By Ric Young
WASHINGTON (VOR) – President Obama is calling for a new look at the old policy of isolating Cuba. . . . Read Complete Report.

From The Register Guard WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Cubans heartened by possible reversal of ban on entertainment salons

By Peter Orsi

The Associated Press


HAVANA — Something unusual appears to be happening in Havana.

The Communist government may be backing off an unpopular economic crackdown barely a week after it was announced — a feat of political dexterity islanders say they are not used to seeing from a leadership that has been in power since the 1950s.

The brouhaha centers on a ban announced Nov. 2 on the dozens of private home cinemas and video game salons that have mushroomed in recent months, becoming a popular diversion for entertainment-starved residents. . . . Read Complete Report

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Just for Fun

From youtube uploaded by Gigauma Gig

Cuba 2013

Published on Apr 8, 2013

Cuba – March 2013. Havana, Viñales, Trinidad, & Varadero

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