The Cuban assassin with a deadly secret: ‘I shot JFK’

Featured Image: JFK motorcade Dallas Texas Nov. 22, 1963 just moments before he was assassinated. SOURCE: Library of Congress. (Public Domain)

Second Image: “Wanted for Treason”. Infamous handbill circulated on November 21, 1963 In Dallas, Texas, one day before John F. Kennedy visited the city and was assassinated. SOURCE Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

JFK_Wanted_Dallas_1963 SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain


















From The Telegraph By  8:12 PM GMT 15 Nov 2013

Investigative writer Anthony Summers makes a compelling case for a new suspect in the frame for the assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.


“Dallas is a hotbed of extreme conservatism, the only major city in America to have voted for Richard Nixon over Kennedy in 1960, and now here the president stands, with a copy of today’s Dallas Morning News. It carries a black-edged advertisement ”welcoming’’ the president, placed by a group calling itself the American Fact-Finding Committee. The ad consists of a list of accusatory questions: why is the Kennedy administration approved of by the US Communist Party? Why is the CIA being asked to arrange coups against Washington’s anti-Communist allies? And so on.

“Jack Kennedy turns to his wife, Jackie. “We’re heading into nut country today,” he says”. . . Read Complete Report

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