Public Tired of Govt Intrusion into Their Daily Lives: JFK 50th Anniversary Censorship

Featured Image: Dealey Plaza. View from southwest, with the former Texas School Book Depository Building at left, and the Dal-Tex Building, right next to it. CREDIT: Brodie319 SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Nov 21, 2013

JFK Dealey-plaza-annotated Wikipedia Commons Public DomainImage:Photo of Dealey Plaza. The original photo comes from the AARC Public Digital Library, Warren Commission Hearings Volume XVI, CE359, which has archives and text of the Warren Commission, a government report. Annotation added by the uploader for document context. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

Alex and the crew are covering the controlled media spectacle and censorship surrounding the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The establishment media and the City of Dallas are working hand in hand to push their propaganda while banning anyone from handing out flyers and hanging banners anywhere in the city. As our first wave of reporters revealed yesterday, Dallas is literally covering up history by tearing out the concrete section of the road where Kennedy was killed and paving asphalt in its place. After last night’s successful protest outside the Dallas Federal Reserve, our crew overheard riot police say they wanted to take down Alex right after he stood up for free speech. Be sure to tune in for this explosive, bombshell transmission to watch history being made.

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